BigSpark buys Androidworld


Internet publisher BigSpark buys Androidworld and consolidates top position as largest online Android platform and subscription comparator in the Netherlands

Internet publisher BigSpark will be the new owner of website Androidworld from 1 January 2024. Together with the website AndroidPlanet, the new acquisition further solidifies BigSpark's position as the largest provider of information about Android phones and tablets, phone subscriptions and related products online.

Reach 4 million+
The combined reach of the two websites will exceed over four million page views monthly. Androidworld accounts for 1.5 million views in this regard. The two websites both bring news about Android phones and phone subscriptions, as well as user tips, independent reviews of new models, and rumours about upcoming models from major players like Samsung, Oppo and Google. More than AndroidPlanet, Androidworld focuses on software, apps, wearables and home automation.

Help with phone choice
The acquisition means BigSpark is by far the largest provider for information related to Android phones, tablets, subscriptions and accessories. Both websites are important in the consumer buying process and are at the heart of consumers' choices for a particular brand or model of phone, and for a suitable subscription. But the websites also play an important purchasing role when choosing related products such as headphones, speakers and wearables.

Subscription and price comparator
At the heart of the information provision lies the subscription and price comparator developed in-house by BigSpark, which helps consumers find a suitable offer. This comparator will also be used on Androidworld. The independent articles by the editors will help in choosing between dozens of phones. In this way, the information and technology of BigSpark's websites help thousands of people make their choice every month.

Strong community
Androidworld has a stronger community and has a large group of repeat visitors. BigSpark wants to further increase this group of regular users and provide even better information. Androidworld's expertise in building a strong audience will further benefit BigSpark's two current websites: AndroidPlanet and iPhoned, the latter focusing on Apple news, tips, reviews and products…

New and existing editorial team
A new editorial team has been hired to write the articles. This new editorial team will work together with Androidworld's current permanent staff. The technical side of the website falls immediately under BigSpark's technical teams.

About BigSpark
BigSpark is a Nijmegen-based internet publisher with two major consumer titles in the field of mobile: AndroidPlanet and iPhoned. Internally developed comparison software helps consumers on these websites choose a suitable phone subscription. Meanwhile, this software is also applied to publisher F&L Media's Auto Review website for comparing private lease offers. Androidworld is BigSpark's third website.

Tech platform
BigSpark works with publisher F&L Media which also includes the websites of C'T Magazine and iCreate. Androidworld will also be added to the tech platform through the acquisition. This will further expand the reach for advertisers in the tech market.

Dimitry 'DIM' Vleugel, founder Androidworld: "After 15 years, it is time for a new home for Androidworld. When we started this title in 2008 out of passion for Android and tech, the online media landscape looked very different. So it's good that the site is now moving to a platform with a full focus on tech and where Androidworld can perform even better through synergy."


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