BUas students tackle housing shortage with a game


BUas students tackle housing shortage in the Netherlands with a game

Built Environment students from Breda University of Applied Sciences have teamed up to come up with solutions to the housing shortage in the Netherlands. They are doing this through the Cities: Skylines II game, in a challenge that challenges them to build 100,000 homes to show how they would tackle this major social problem in the Netherlands.

Cities: Skylines is a city-building and simulation game in which you take control of building and managing a city. The game provides a comprehensive set of resources and features that allow players to conduct their own city planning, develop infrastructure and manage their city's economy and population. The conditions students were given to build their city were: eco-friendly, sustainable, car-free, plenty of public transportation and easily accessible

The challenge consists of three phases, with each student approaching the game from his/her specialization. Phase 1 deals with spatial planning where they work on zoning, legislation and finances, among other things. Phase 2 focuses on mobility and related infrastructure such as building bus routes and bike lanes. Phase 3 will work toward a final urban design with an eye for enough green space, and making the city attractive. In this video, meet three passionate Built Environment students from Breda University of Applied Sciences who together take on the challenge.

Source- Breda University of Applied Sciences

Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) is a specialized and internationally oriented higher education institution in Breda. On the green and small-scale campus and in the various learning communities, students, staff and business partners work together to create a better world by creating meaningful experiences. They do this in the fields of Tourism, Leisure & Events, Hotel & Facility Management, Built Environment, Logistics Management, Game Design, Creative Business and Data Science & AI.

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