Bunq Europe's first AI bank


Neobank launches its own generative AI technology: Finn;
bunq follows in the footsteps of Google and Amazon with this;
AI driving international growth: bunq now has more than 11 million users, together accounting for €7 billion in user deposits.
- bunq, Europe's second-largest neo-bank, is launching Finn. The generative AI technology replaces the search function in the bunq app and is immediately available to all bunq users. Thanks to Finn, they can now plan their finances better, budget smarter, find transactions more easily and much more.

Finn was developed in-house by the bank and uses the most powerful Large Language Models (LLMs) such as GPT-4. "Finn will amaze you," says Ali Niknam, founder and CEO of the bank. "It's great to see how, with a laser focus on our users and the power of AI, we can make people's daily lives so much easier."

For OpenAI users, Finn will feel instantly familiar. Finn, like ChatGPT, has a chat feature where users can ask questions about their bank accounts, spending patterns, savings and everything else to do with money. Finn answers advanced questions, such as: "How much money do I spend on groceries per month on average?" Or, "How much did I spend on Amazon this year?" Finn additionally combines data to answer questions beyond specific transactions, such as: "What was the name of that Indian restaurant in London where I ate with a friend?" or, "How much money did I spend at that cafe near Central Park last Saturday?"

The successful deployment of AI has played a significant part in the bank's accelerated European growth. The challenger now has more than 11 million users, together accounting for seven billion euros in user balances: a 55 per cent increase from July 2023.

Earlier today during bunq Update 24 at the DeLaMar Theatre, bunq launched new features specially designed for digital nomads.

Free bank card
From today, any bunq user can apply for a free bank card within five minutes, immediately usable with Apple or Google Pay.

Tap to Pay

With Apple Tap to Pay, every bunq user turns their iPhone into a payment terminal, allowing them to receive pin payments from the bunq app anywhere in the world.

About bunq

bunq, founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Ali Niknam (1981), has radically changed the European banking industry. By putting the user first and creating a product tailored to their wants and needs, the neo-bank has grown to become the second-largest neo-bank in the EU. bunq targets digital nomads in Europe, making life easy for people and businesses that are not tied to a specific location. The bank does this by focusing on how these digital nomads and businesses manage, save and invest their money.

Over the years, bunq has continuously achieved milestones that were considered impossible by many: bunq was the first bank in 35 years to secure a European banking licence, achieved the largest Series A round (€193 million) in the history of European fintech and became the first EU neobank to become structurally profitable in 2022. The bank aims to become the first global neobank for digital nomads and applied for a US banking licence in April 2023 to enter the US market.


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