Cisco research: Dutch demand fast and reliable, but also secure and sustainable internet


The recent Cisco Broadband Survey, for which over 1,500 Dutch respondents were surveyed, shows that Internet expectations and usage are changing rapidly. While speed and reliability are still important, there is less emphasis on these. Consumers also value security and sustainable solutions. Moreover, the number of Internet-connected devices (IoT) is rapidly increasing.

Remarkably, 88% of Dutch respondents believe that the internet is part of the critical national infrastructure.This illustrates the need for the technology industry to respond to these changes and accelerate the journey towards a more sustainable and secure internet.

Investing in sustainable internet
Cisco's research shows that 65% of consumers in the EMEA region are concerned about the carbon impact of their internet, compared to only 44% in the Netherlands. In addition, 28% of Dutch people have never heard of 'green internet'. And where young people in the EMEA region aged between 18 and 24 are most concerned about the sustainable world (73%), in the Netherlands these are people aged over 55 (64%).Interestingly, a large percentage of EMEA consumers (77%) and Dutch consumers (72%) do agree to pay more for more sustainable internet. More than one in four Dutch people (27%) are even willing to pay a surcharge of more than 20%.

Cybersecurity remains top priority
Besides growing environmental concerns, the rise of hybrid working and the blurring between employees' professional and personal lives brings new risks. Despite the fact that many people use the internet for work and banking, the survey shows that passwords are still the most common method (50%) by which respondents in the Netherlands secure their home networks and devices.

Only 20% use more comprehensive security measures, such as enabling their router's firewall (28%), checking hardware and software updates (27%), enabling network encryption (22%) or using a VPN (21%). Despite security playing an important role, the survey shows that consumers give the highest priority to internet speed (42%) when choosing a new internet package. Security follows in a close second place (32%).

Digitally connected future
As the number of IoT devices increases exponentially, the need for more bandwidth and processing power to analyse all the data generated is growing. According to the study, there is no sign that this will slow down. On the contrary, consumers are massively embracing the shift to a 'smarter' digital life. More than half of Dutch consumers (53%) said they were positive about new ways of connecting their homes and lives to the internet, with a majority of Dutch people having or expecting to digitally connect their home entertainment (88%), energy consumption (85%), security (77%), health monitors (76%) and heating (75%). All this is despite the fact that a majority (63%) say the sharply increased cost of living has changed the way they spend money on digital services: 21% have switched to a cheaper internet package and 16% have cancelled one or more streaming services.

About the Cisco Broadband Survey
The Cisco Broadband Survey is based on a survey of 21,629 employees in 12 countries: UK, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands. The survey was conducted in January and February 2023. The sample included respondents from all regions of each country, who worked full-time remote, full-time office, hybrid or frontline. The survey was conducted by independent research firm Censuswide, which follows ESOMAR principles and employs members of the Market Research Society.

About Cisco
Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the global technology leader that securely connects everything to make everything possible. Our goal is to create an inclusive future for all by helping our customers redefine their applications, enable hybrid work, secure their enterprise, transform their infrastructure and meet their sustainability goals. Find out more on The Newsroom and follow us on Twitter.


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