Companies expect productivity increase of 32% in the 3 years after implementing latest wireless technology


Companies see wireless connectivity as a path to productivity, but remain aware of challenges

New research from Panasonic Connect Europe shows that companies expect investments in wireless technology to increase productivity by an average of 32% in the three years following implementation. Many respondents (36%) indicate that 5G is the most important wireless technology investment for their company, with Private Campus Networks being more popular than public networks.

One in five (22%) consider WiFi 6 to be the most important type of wireless technology. WiFi 6 is a substantial upgrade over its predecessor, offering faster connections and improved flexibility for networks with high loads of connected devices. Interest in Bluetooth and Long-Range Wide Area Networks (LoRaWAN) was also high (21%), as organizations look for the right technology for specialized applications in their own industries, such as supply chain logistics and manufacturing.

Overall, investments in wireless technology are moving forward quickly, with 41% of decision makers having already made the decision to invest in wireless projects or are in the planning process. Another 38% are even already in the implementation phase.

Barriers remain
However, there are challenges that must be addressed: 24% of respondents admit to being concerned about IT security, 22% about interoperability and connectivity issues with their existing IT infrastructure. One in five question the manageability of wireless network technology, and a similar percentage say they lack confidence in IT resources, knowledge and skills.

"This survey highlights that this is a critical period in wireless technology investment and decision-making. The advent of 5G, the evolution of WiFi and the innovation around Bluetooth and LoRaWAN are accelerating the connected world in ways that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. It is clear that business leaders believe that wireless connectivity offers huge opportunities, but there are also challenges to overcome," said Jan Kaempfer, Marketing Director for Panasonic Connect Europe.

Industry opportunities
"Companies lack internal expertise and resources, and technology vendors can support organizations with expertise and training to build more confidence in the technology and address the lack of resources. But overall, the perception about 'wireless' is very positive, and we see a strong need for innovation and advanced implementation. At Panasonic Connect Europe, we are committed to helping business leaders understand the key drivers for investing in wireless technology, the key technologies and their applications, and how to overcome barriers."

The survey, conducted by independent research firm Opinion Matters on behalf of Panasonic Connect Europe, surveyed more than 300 senior decision-makers responsible for wireless and networking technologies in the United Kingdom, France and Germany, in the retail, logistics & supply chain, manufacturing, education, location-based entertainment and public sector and emergency services sectors.

Click hier to download an executive summary of Next Connections: Exploring Wireless Connectivity Investment and Adoption in Europe.

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