Creating smartly with technology: Babbage Company organises first-ever AI Academy


Babbage Company is today organising the very first edition of AI Academy: creating with content. This new event focuses specifically on AI within content creation for marketing, communication and content professionals and how this target group can integrate the latest developments and innovations creating into their daily work. Attendees will get a first: partner Loo van Eck will present its own AI tool, Slimtaal. Over 200 marcom professionals will gather at the event, which will take place at Theater Flint in Amersfoort.

Innovation and practical applications by top experts

AI Academy offers a unique opportunity for marketing, communication and content professionals to learn about the latest AI technologies and gain practical experience in one day. The programme includes inspiration sessions from leading experts such as Eric Kalsbeek, Maarten Reijgersberg and Luke Andries. Topics range from the use of advanced text and image generators, such as ChatGPT and Dall-E, to the development of virtual brand ambassadors and ethical considerations about AI use.

AI & Communication: If you snooze, you loose

Is AI going to radically change the communication profession? Regardless, AI is a hot topic within the communication profession and is pushing the boundaries of professionals. Developments are happening at lightning speed. And with, among other things, the just concluded negotiations on the AI act in the EU, keeping up is the watchword! With this AI event, bringing together creating over 200 marcom professionals, but also through training courses and (in-company) workshops, Babbage Company is positioning itself as a knowledge leader in the fast-growing world of AI and its impact on the communication profession. Earlier this year, COMPOD, Babbage Company's communication podcast, already focused on AI in the now much-listened-to episode 'If you snooze you loose'.

Presentation AI tool 'Slimtaal' by Loo van Eck

Loo van Eck, the largest training provider in writing, is presenting their own AI tool 'Slimtaal' to the outside world for the first time during AI Academy. Slimtaal helps users write good texts by making smart use of AI. The user does the thinking, Slimtaal does the writing. The beta version of the tool will go live during AI Academy. By 2023, Babbage Company and Loo van Eck, both leading players within their domains, have become one group. The organisations operate independently and side-by-side under their own (brand) names, but seek synergy. The launch of Slimtaal on AI Academy is the first joint initiative.

About Babbage Company

Babbage Company has been connecting organisations and marketing, communication, and content professionals for 25 years, offering clients full service services in the field of marketing, communication and content. De Redactie is part of Babbage Company. Via our Babbage Academy/De Redactie Trainings, we offer a diverse range of workshops, master classes, (in-company) training courses and events.


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