Databricks launches Data Intelligence Platform for telecoms


Data Lakehouse with Generative AI functionality delivers turnkey customised solutions that help providers solve industry challenges with data and AI.

Data and AI company Databricks is launching the Data Intelligence Platform for Communications, an integrated data and AI platform tailored to the needs of telecom companies and network providers. Using the Data Intelligence Platform for Communications, these companies can gain a holistic view of their networks, operations and customer interactions, without compromising data privacy or confidential intellectual property. Built on an open lakehouse architecture, the Data Intelligence Platform for Communications combines leading data management, governance and sharing tools with generative AI and machine learning (ML).

The telecom industry is undergoing drastic changes, characterised by a dramatic increase in global traffic and a need for more network equipment. These changes are reinforced by consumers' need for higher-quality services and customer experiences.

The Data Intelligence Platform for Communications is designed to help organisations cope with these changes. It enables providers to better predict market trends, predict demand patterns, leverage their data for revenue growth as well as provide data-driven insights to all employees - regardless of their technical knowledge. Early adopters of the Data Intelligence Platform include market leaders such as US-based AT&T, where the platform is deployed to protect customers from fraud and increase operational efficiency.

"Data and AI are central to how we deploy, support, defend and accelerate connectivity at AT&T. With Databricks' Data Intelligence Platform, we bring data and AI together to drive innovation, enrich our products and develop new services for our customers," said Andy Markus, chief data officer at AT&T. "The combination of the lakehouse architecture and generative AI also helps us democratise data and AI within our organisation while maintaining a 'single source of truth'. We have created an enterprise-wide environment where tens of thousands of employees collaborate with AI tools to make data-driven decisions that allow us to serve our customers even better."

The capabilities of the Data Intelligence Platform for Communications:
Use all types of data to improve customer experience and support: With Databricks, providers have a unified view of their customer data, based on both structured and unstructured data such as images, video and audio. With a real-time and accurate overall view, they can protect their customer relationships, reduce attrition and increase market share by delivering the personalised experiences their customers expect.
Integrated governance and compliance: Providers can seamlessly manage all types of data, ML models, notebooks, dashboards and files on any cloud using Databricks Unity Catalog.
Cost-effective and open collaboration: The Data Intelligence Platform for Communications uses Delta Sharing, which allows companies to collaborate and share data openly and securely. This allows providers to collaborate with their partners in real time, without the need for all parties to have the same technology.
Turnkey, industry-specific data and AI solutions
Databricks and its partners also offer ready-to-use building blocks for the Data Intelligence Platform that help organisations address the most common valuable use cases in the industry, such as:
LLMs for customer service: Increase customer satisfaction with LLM-driven chatbots.
Telco Network Analytics: Improve network reliability for the 5G era and reduce customer churn with robust pipelines and accurate forecasting.
Geospatial analytics for anti-fraud: Large-scale geospatial analytics to identify suspicious transactions.
Data matching for a complete customer view: Bring together data from transactions and conversations with customer service agents, among others, to form a complete picture of customers.
"The need for a modern and unified platform for data analytics and AI has never been greater. The Data Intelligence Platform for Communications is designed to meet dynamic customer needs at scale, with high-level security and at lower operational costs," said Steve Sobel, Global Industry Leader Communications, Media and Entertainment at Databricks. "It offers opportunities to personalise, innovate to reduce customer churn, improve service and generate new revenue streams from existing data."


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