Databricks launches Lakehouse for Manufacturing


Databricks launches the Databricks Lakehouse for Manufacturing: the first open lakehouse platform tailored to the needs of manufacturing companies. With the Lakehouse for Manufacturing, companies can combine all their data and AI work into one platform to address industry-specific challenges such as predictive maintenance, digital twins, supply chain optimization, demand forecasting and real-time IIoT analytics.

Lakehouse for Manufacturing provides turnkey building blocks and partner solutions that allow users to kickstart the analytics process and lean on the industry expertise of Databricks' partner network. In addition, Lakehouse for Manufacturing has built-in data governance capabilities that allow companies to pull insights from across the supply chain to make manufacturing and logistics more agile. DuPont, Honeywell, Rolls-Royce and Shell, among others, are already using Databricks Lakehouse for Manufacturing.

Powerful customized Lakehouse solutions

Databricks Lakehouse for Manufacturing gives manufacturing companies access to turnkey building blocks. These "use case accelerators" serve as a blueprint to address mission-critical challenges faster. Popular data solutions for Lakehouse for Manufacturing customers include:

Digital Twins: Engineers can digitally model and monitor physical systems in real time based on sensor data. The insights gained can then be shared with the rest of the organization at lightning speed for process optimization, risk assessments, condition monitoring and design optimization.

Predictive Maintenance: With predictive maintenance, manufacturers can retrieve their real-time Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data from machines and then use complex time series analysis to maximize uptime and minimize maintenance costs.

Forecasting for parts: To avoid inventory shortages, reduce lead times and maximize sales, users can perform demand forecasting on parts instead of just based on full inventory.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness: Incremental processing of IoT and sensor data in a variety of formats, provides global consistency in KPI reporting.

Computer Vision: Computer vision applications help manufacturing companies automate critical (production) processes, resulting in higher quality, reduced waste and rework costs, and optimized flow.

Proven partner solutions

Thanks to Brickbuilder solutions, manufacturing companies benefit from Databricks' partner network. Partners such as Avanade, Celebal Technologies, DataSentics, Deloitte and Tredence deliver customized solutions that combine the power of the Databricks Lakehouse platform with partners' industry-specific knowledge and expertise.


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