Dell announces new portfolio of AI-powered headsets


In the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of the modern workplace, communication is the cornerstone of productivity and collaboration. This, coupled with the way AI is influencing the future of work, the rise of hybrid working and the overall emphasis on employee experience, means that Dell Technologies is now integrating the latest technological innovations into its portfolio of peripherals. Dell knows that customers need more than just a PC to work on - they need a comprehensive ecosystem of peripherals, software, support and services that enables employees to be as productive as possible, no matter where, when and how fast they work.

Dell comes with a brand new range of intelligent headsets built from head to toe with the latest AI technology.With world-class noise-cancelling and long-lasting comfort, these wireless and wired headsets are a reliable ally for a day of meetings.

Dell presents the Dell Pro wireless ANC headset (WL5024) and the Dell Pro wired ANC headset (WH5024), the world's most intelligent wireless [1] and wired [2] headsets in their class. They both feature built-in, AI-powered noise-cancelling microphones that capture and filter out background noise. Thus, they offer an unprecedented audio experience.

Here are the key features at a glance:
AI-powered technology: AI-powered noise-cancelling microphones capture and filter out background noise to enable clear communication. Thanks to the AI in the robust processing model, the noise-cancelling works more intelligently, reliably and accurately to distinguish human voices from ambient noise.
Clear sound: Both headsets offer active noise cancelling (ANC) that reduces and blocks unwanted ambient noise. This makes it easier to focus on what you are listening to. The WL5024 goes one step further as it offers advanced hybrid ANC. This combines both feedforward and feedback ANC, reducing noise better across a wider frequency range.
Effortless collaboration: Pair your wireless devices effortlessly and securely with just one click thanks to Dell Pair software [3], which also helps you adjust audio settings.
Convenience: Smart sensors mute your call when you take off your WL5024 wireless headset, and resume your call when you put it back on. On the Dell Pro wired ANC headset WH5024, you control the main functions with the in-cord buttons.
Smooth connection: Flip up the discreet microphone arm to tuck it neatly away when not in use or to mute, and down to unmute.
Sleek design: Ergonomics and comfort are key, which is why the headsets are made of high-quality materials with, for example, an adjustable headband in synthetic leather and replaceable [4] ear pads in memory foam.
Cross-platform compatibility: Certified for Microsoft Teams (Open Office) and Zoom, compatible with major UC platforms. The Open Office qualification means that the headset has passed the most stringent test for the suppression of ambient noise and office calls from different directions. This certification ensures that the headset meets the highest microphone standards for an open office environment.
A long-lasting battery: Easily charge the wireless headset (WL5024) by placing it on the charging station [5]. Within 15 minutes, it is ready to last another eight hours. Fully charged, it offers a listening time of up to 78 hours [6].

Moreover, the Dell wireless headset (WL3024) and the Dell wired headset (WH3024) are also available as of now. These user-friendly headsets are ideal for consumers who want to get through their working day smoothly, without too much fuss. More news to follow in the coming months, as Dell plans to expand the range further.

Pricing and availability (all prices exclude VAT)
The Dell Pro wired ANC headset (WH5024) will be available from 30January from €109.99;
The Dell Pro wireless ANC headset (WL5024) is available from 30January from €207.99;
The Dell wired headset (WH3024) is now available from €63.99;
The Dell wireless headset (WL3024) is now available from €159.99.
Accessories pricing and availability (all prices exclude VAT)
The Dell Pro ear cushions for wired/wireless headset (HE524) are available from 30 January from €22.39;
The Dell Pro headset charging cradle (HC524) is available from 29February from €47.99;


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