Dutch trend report reveals latest AI and integration developments


Digital integration specialist Enable U today announced the publication of their Trend Report 2024. This report has a major focus on the current state of artificial intelligence and its impact on the IT industry and beyond. Trends highlighted include: the role of AI in software development, the impact of AI on cybersecurity and realising integrations.

Jascha Gregorowitsch, CTO of Enable U, stresses the importance of a realistic approach to AI: "While AI is promising, organisations need to deploy the technology carefully and knowledgeably. It is not about creating a 'big bang', but about taking small, well-considered steps.

Majority of large companies will use generative AI APIs
Market researcher Gartner expects 80 per cent of large companies to use AI APIs and models and/or deploy generative AI-enabled applications in production environments by 2026. This percentage was still less than 5 per cent in early 2023. Figures from market researcher IDC also endorse this picture.

AI much impact on software development
One of the professional fields where AI is expected to have a lot of impact is software development. For instance, AI tools can support developers in designing, writing and testing applications. Market researcher Gartner therefore identifies Ai-assisted development as one of the top 10 strategic tech trends for 2024.

AI supports security
AI is expected to play an important role in taking the digital security of government organisations, educational institutions and others to the next level. For instance, AI technology can support security in various ways. For instance, Gartner predicts that parties that base their security investments on a CTEM programme will have reduced the number of cyber incidents by two-thirds by 2026.

Bringing the right data together
Enable U expects the integration of data sources to receive increasing trend report attention. Market researcher IDC says they also expect technology vendors to increasingly recognise the value of data and actively invest in obtaining additional datasets that offer added value. This is because organisations often have a large amount of data that, in practice, is stored in a variety of locations. This includes, for example, internal applications and databases, as well as data sources.

"AI is not just about technology; it is about understanding and effectively integrating this technology within organisations," adds Niels Beckers, CCO of Enable U.


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