Eight in ten Dutch managers want to increase their AI investments by 2024


Research by software developer Klippa shows that Dutch managers have high confidence in artificial intelligence. For instance, 78% of surveyed managers indicate that AI will help solve their business challenges. Moreover, 85% of respondents plan to increase their investments in AI and automation in the near future.

Artificial intelligence is already a familiar concept in areas such as business process automation, increasing productivity and reducing costs. Managers are also now considering automation as a go-to solution to the ongoing global labour crisis. The struggle for skilled workers is seen as the most important current challenge for almost a third (31%) of C-Level Insights survey participants.

This is possibly the reason why almost 20% of top management plan to double investment in AI, while another 21% are considering increasing investment by between 40% and 80%. Add to this the more strategic increases of 10-20 per cent (14% of respondents) and 20-40 per cent (33% of respondents) and the figures point to strong future growth of the AI sector in the Netherlands.

Variation in attitudes and investment challenges
The survey shows that managers under 39 are more confident in AI (84%) than those over 50 (71%). The willingness to invest in AI is also higher among younger managers (94%) than among older age groups (79%).

Despite the high level of trust, there are also challenges. Almost a third (29%) of Dutch managers are hesitant to invest more in AI because of a lack of time and staff, underlining the shortage of skilled personnel. Other barriers include the initial cost of automation (24%), concerns about the maturity of the technology (16%), lack of internal expertise (9%) and internal resistance to new technologies (6%).

About the survey
Klippa's C-Level Insights survey was answered by a diverse group of managers. The majority of respondents are CEOs (60%), followed by CTOs (11%), CFOs (9%) and other C-suite managers. They operate in 18 different sectors, in organisations of all sizes - from small and medium-sized companies to large enterprises with annual revenues of more than $1 billion.

Klippa was founded in 2015 with the mission of digitising and automating tedious and time-consuming administrative
tasks and automate them. The company uses AI and Optical Character Recognition to automate tasks such as reading, sorting, extracting and verifying information. This automation helps companies execute their workflows effectively with fewer staff. Last week, Klippa showcased its innovative DocHorizon Platform at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, the world's most influential tech event.


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