Employees embrace robust devices for digital transformation


More and more organisations are moving towards using rugged notebooks, tablets and smartphones. This increase in usage is particularly pronounced in sectors where Employees field workers work in demanding environments, as these purpose-built devices prove crucial for improving productivity. A recent study commissioned by Panasonic sheds light on a major shift in employee technology preferences to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The study by marketing intelligence firm IDC reveals a notable trend: organisations across industries are switching to rugged devices to equip their field workers. The increased adoption is a strategic response to changing operations, with digital tools integrating seamlessly into dynamic environments that require durability and functionality. "Organisations recognise the importance of technology that can withstand challenging working conditions. Robust devices are becoming indispensable in maintaining operational efficiency," says Brecht Dhooge, Marketing Manager of Panasonic Connect.

Cost efficiency through sustainability
The study examines the financial implications of this shift and shows the tangible benefits of investing in rugged devices. By reducing the number of repairs and longer life of such purpose-built devices, organisations can realise significant cost savings in the long run. Data from IDC's survey indicates potential savings of up to €2,506 ($2,745) per tablet, highlighting the compelling economic case for using rugged tablets.

Responding to industry-specific challenges
Technological evolution is running in line with industry needs, leading to a surge in the use of rugged devices. Designed for seamless connectivity and operational efficiency, the devices are proving useful in sectors that face extreme working conditions, such as manufacturing, logistics, public safety and utilities.

"The increasing reliance on mobile computing capabilities is prompting industries to rethink their technology choices. Rugged devices offer practical solutions tailored to the unique challenges in these demanding work environments," Dhooge said.

Charting the transformation
The IDC study is not just a statistical report, but also serves as a comprehensive roadmap for organisations digitising. The detailed cost-benefit analyses, coupled with real-life case studies, give organisations a nuanced understanding of how the adoption of robust devices can increase productivity and deliver significant long-term cost savings.

About the study
The study, conducted by IDC, examines and analyses the emerging trends and benefits associated with the adoption of rugged devices among the workforce. Organisations looking for in-depth insights can access the full report here.


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