- 07/11/2023

The Regatta brings together the most accomplished techies for an intimate conference. This year, there are more than 40 sessions over a week’s worth of topics covering all aspects of leadership, industry trends, and insights from like-minded people. The Regatta will not only benefit me as an employee but will also provide me with tangible and actionable insight for our entire team. 

Top Takeaways other attendees have experienced:

  • More confidence + morale
  • Career development and career advice
  • Broader networks across functions and companies
  • New ways of looking at work, career, connections, and technology

While attending, enjoy:

  • The power of connection. Connecting to a diverse group of women in my industry can ultimately expand my way of thinking and improve my productivity in my current role. 
  • Learn from industry experts. Hearing from and meeting women and men from different C-suites to well regarded thought leaders will allow me to look at things from different perspectives
  • Gain new skills. There will be discussions dedicated to improving my soft skills that will improve how I work with my colleagues, connect with others, and build meaningful professional connections.
  • Learn more about myself. There is always room for me to grow and networking in this space will give me confidence in meeting new people which will make me an even better team player. 
  • Get familiar with technology trends. By seeing emerging technologies like blockchain, machine learning, AI, neurodiversity, AR & VR all used in practice. I could gain new ideas on how we should incorporate these technologies within our own business.

The Regatta is a gathering to connect wo(men) in tech to mentors, peers & resources. This boutique event includes activities, events, panels and workshops designed to drive positive change, innovation, and workplace diversity in the tech industry. #RelationshipsAreTheTrueCurrency, join us and find your new friend, new boss and your community at the Regatta.

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