Eviden and Microsoft sign five-year global partnership to accelerate cloud and AI strategy

  • Eviden -the Atos Group business unit leading in digital, cloud, big data and security - and Microsoft are entering into a five-year partnership that expands their collaboration to include innovative Microsoft Cloud and AI-driven solutions for relevant sectors. This strategic partnership is part of Eviden's strategy to strengthen and expand its global network of existing and new partners.

The collaboration between Microsoft and Eviden marks an important milestone in their shared vision to drive digital transformation of organisations and support them with high-performance technologies. As part of this strategic partnership, they will develop and implement joint solutions in the areas of transformative Data & AI, Copilot and cloud transformations. By combining Microsoft's expertise in cloud computing and leading technology with Eviden's deep industry expertise and customer-centric approach, they will support companies with tailored solutions to address complex challenges.

Microsoft and Eviden intend to generate $2.8 billion over the next five years from new cloud services that Eviden will offer. They will achieve this by jointly developing services and solutions for specific sectors, such as financial services, automotive, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, life sciences and the public sector. Eviden and Microsoft want to accelerate their joint activities in these sectors. They will do this by investing together in co-innovation and building Prioritised Offerings in Eviden's Global Delivery Centres and Centre of Excellence with the deployment of top talent.

Co-innovation Centers
Eviden and Microsoft will launch several so-called Co-innovation Industry Hubs. They will do this with the aim of accelerating high-value research and development of GenAI-based solutions in the above sectors. In doing so, they will leverage Eviden's expertise in Machine Learning, AI and Azure OpenAI, as already announced by both parties in November 2023. Eviden will leverage Microsoft Azure to accelerate the development of these market solutions.

Six strategic areas
In addition to expanding their partnership, Eviden and Microsoft will continue to focus on providing innovative solutions to customers in the six categories below:
Data & AI innovations: accelerating migration to Cloud Apps with GenAI Launchpad and Copilot.
Cloud services: Eviden DevSecOps framework helps accelerate IT application transformation while adding agility and reducing cloud expenses with FinOps.
Application infrastructure and innovation: migrating and modernising legacy customers based on rapid migration and accelerating application innovation.
Business applications: modernising and innovating business applications and new AI solutions through Power Platform and D365.
Security: as a leading international provider of cybersecurity services, Eviden will accelerate the adoption of security options with AIsaac (MDR) and other Microsoft technologies.
Accelerating SAP transformations: this will be fleshed out based on more than 14 years of collaboration between SAP, Eviden and Microsoft and enhanced by Eviden's global experience with SAP S/4HANA®, part of RISE with SAP and the migration to of internal SAP systems to Microsoft Azure.
Delivery and Centers of Excellence
Eviden will strengthen its international Centers of Excellence (CoEs) by updating and training 50,000+ employees worldwide with 16,000+ new Microsoft certifications over the next five years. Eviden will also expand its Microsoft business with 50+ dedicated teams in numerous countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France Spain, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and North America.

"I am very pleased to announce the international partnership between Eviden and Microsoft. Microsoft is one of the world's leaders in AI and in GenAI in particular. This fulfils our commitment to drive innovation by joining forces. This will allow us to enable organisations to optimise the use of data and AI in a rapidly evolving digital world.

This partnership strengthens the collaboration between the Atos Group and Microsoft, in addition to our Digital Workplace collaboration with Atos' Tech Foundations that we already announced in November 2023," said Carlo d'Asaro Biondo, as Group General Manager responsible for Business Operations and CEO of Eviden"Organisations need responsible and secure adoption of generative AI to solve pressing business challenges. I am excited to extend our partnership with Eviden - a leading digital transformation partner - to develop innovative AI solutions based on Microsoft Cloud and Azure OpenAI. Together, we will help customers across industries realise the full potential of their data and accelerate their transformation to AI," said Judson Althoff, EVP and CCO of Microsoft.


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