Extreme Networks als exposant aanwezig bij Cloud Expo 2023 op 6 en 7 december


Extreme Networks will be present as an exhibitor at Cloud Expo 2023 in Houten on 6 and 7 December. Together with partner Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus, Extreme will give an insight into the city of the future and the role of networks in it in an Augmented Reality (AR) demo. Extreme partners Actemium, Conscia, Indicium and Kappa Data will show various innovations. On behalf of Extreme, Patrick Groot Nuelend, head of EMEA Vertical Markets & Strategy, will speak about networking as a strategic asset on both days.

Extreme Networks is present at Cloud Expo, in collaboration with partners Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus, Actemium, Conscia, Kappa Data and Indicium. Together, they will showcase a number of technologies such as Fabric Connect and SD-WAN. Visitors to Extreme Networks (stand A009) will learn how to leverage their network as a strategic asset for better operations, better experiences for end users, and better results for their organisation. Conscia and Indicium will explain the impact of modern networks on the business and processes of their customers, such as Zwarte Cross and the municipalities of Zoetermeer and Deventer.

What can you expect from Extreme?
Live demo City of the Future in Augmented Reality (AR) in collaboration with Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus
Presentations on the network as a strategic asset for organisations, followed by customer stories about Zwarte Cross and the municipalities of Zoetermeer and Deventer
BOB, the Business Opportunity Builder, a 'network in a box' demo kit that brings to life use cases of Extreme's network and cloud solutions
Demo: City of the Future with Living Tomorrow
In a live City of the Future demo, Extreme Networks and Living Tomorrow, in collaboration with Indicium, will show what the city of tomorrow looks like anno 2030. The demo consists of a fully interactive digital twin of the city presented in Augmented Reality (AR), for an inspiring experience. This AR city shows different aspects of future networks and their functionality in a number of contexts.

In the City of Tomorrow AR demo at Cloud Expo, visitors will experience what autonomous networks will look like in 2030 and what new outcomes they will enable. AI's role in decision making shows how AI assists human managers and proactively helps them make optimal choices. This is a realistic look at 2030 because of the unprecedented evolution of (generative) AI, computing power and networking technology. In addition, the networks of the future also represent a step towards a more sustainable future: infrastructure maintenance and management will be further optimised, costing less time, man hours, energy and money.

Practical information: City of the Future - The AR demo City of the Future will be on continuous display at Extreme stand A009. For information about Extreme and Living Tomorrow, contact Extreme Networks' Benelux team using the contact details below.

Presentations: Networking as a strategic asset and two customer stories
Networking today consists of more than just providing connectivity; it is the nervous system that helps organisations innovate. In his presentation, Patrick Groot Nuelend discusses the building blocks of modern networks and how organisations are leveraging their network as a strategic asset. Visitors to Cloud Expo will be updated by Patrick on key topics such as AI, cybersecurity, IoT and cloud.

On both days of the expo, Extreme partners and customers will share their practical experience and vision on their advanced networks. Conscia will talk about Extreme Fabric Connect at the Deventer and Zoetermeer municipalities. And Indicium will present the network of the Zwarte Cross, the largest music and motocross festival in the Netherlands with over 200,000 visitors in three days.

Practical information: Presentations - Patrick Groot Nuelend, head of Vertical Markets and Strategy EMEA at Extreme Networks, will speak on both days of Cloud Expo at 09.45 in Theatre 1.

BOB, the Business Opportunity Builder
At Cloud Expo, Extreme will also present its Business Opportunity Builder (BOB). This setup is a demo of a fully equipped branch office that connects to the head office network. The demo shows how customers use Extreme's Fabric technology via tunnelling to use the public internet to connect to clients is the branch office. The BOB kit at Cloud Expo is connected to the internet and demonstrates how Extreme's Fabric-compatible SD-WAN provides easy branch office connectivity without manual configuration.

Practical information BOB, the Business Opportunity Builder - BOB is managed by Roland Ivens, Systems Engineering Manager at Extreme Networks Benelux. He can be reached for questions and demos both days of Cloud Expo at Extreme booth A009.

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