GAC Business Solutions partners with ACA IT-Solutions for trading platform TRADE365


A move GAC Business Solutions aimed at improving efficiency and productivity in the Dutch commerce sector

  • GAC Business Solutions (GAC), a leading provider of business software and part of The Digital Neighborhood, announces a strategic partnership with ACA IT-Solutions, which will act as Dutch reseller for GAC's TRADE365 platform. This partnership represents a significant expansion of TRADE365's reach and visibility in the Netherlands thanks to ACA's network.

TRADE365 is a customised trading platform from GAC, based on the Microsoft Dynamics365 platform. The platform is specifically designed for the trading industry. TRADE365 consists of a comprehensive set of tools designed to refine trading processes, increase operational efficiency and improve productivity. By integrating essential business functionalities, including supply chain management, sales, finance, and customer relationship management, TRADE365 delivers a holistic, secure and user-friendly experience. It meets the specific requirements, challenges and needs of the commerce sector. In addition, it streamlines operations and drives TRADE365 profitability by focusing on functionality and efficiency.

TRADE365 operates on a 'plug and play' principle, meaning enterprises do not have the limitations of traditional software systems. Regular updates ensure minimal operational interruptions, resulting in significantly lower costs. With an implementation time almost 50 per cent faster than traditional ERP solutions, TRADE365 provides a competitive advantage with minimal operational downtime.

Arthur van Kooij, CEO of GAC Business Solutions, explains the partnership: "Our partnership with ACA IT-Solutions is of strategic importance, as it allows us to extend the reach and impact of TRADE365 throughout the Netherlands. ACA's expertise in innovative IT solutions will be an important factor in providing more companies with the TRADE365 platform. The platform is tailor-made for the commerce sector and offers advanced technology, faster implementation and lower maintenance and upgrade costs."

With its focus on innovation, GAC Business Solutions is committed to the continuous improvement of the TRADE365 platform. One of its plans is to integrate AI in the coming year to enable significant automation capabilities, time savings and increased service levels. The use of AI in ERP software will enable a new era of dynamic and customer-centric processes in the commerce sector.

To learn more about the TRADE365 platform, or to become a TRADE365 reseller, please contact GAC or visit


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