Genetec announces new version of Security Center


Genetec switches to continuous software delivery model; new version brings enhanced card features, improved authentication and new automation features

- Genetec Inc ("Genetec"), a leading technology provider of solutions for unified security, public safety, operations and business intelligence, has announced a new version of its unified security platform Security Center. With a shift to a continuous delivery approach, this version begins a new era in how users of Genetec Security Center can stay up-to-date with the latest features and updates to the platform.

"The rapidly changing world of security creates a need for rapid innovation. By using a continuous delivery model, we are able to deliver both new features and security updates more consistently with less disruption to customers, while maintaining the ambitious scope of our innovation strategy," explained Christian Morin, Vice President of Product Engineering and Chief Security Officer at Genetec Inc.

The latest release of Security Center also brings with it many new features including:

Improved maps
The latest version of Security Center offers enhanced mapping features including a new map widget for dashboards and improved zoom functionality, providing a better experience for operators, especially in large city-wide or multi-site deployments. The new mapping widgets allow operators to create mini-monitoring tasks in their dashboards. They can also place cameras (or other elements) from maps in empty frames to view videos and easily search for elements about which they need more info.

The enhanced zoom function shows or hides layers depending on how much you zoom in or out. This allows operators to see only what is important at the desired zoom level, improving the overview. For example, when zooming out, doors and intrusion zones can be hidden, allowing operators to focus on cameras and ALPR units from helicopter view. The hidden units reappear, when operators zoom in on the individual building level.

Authentication improvements
Security Center has also added new configuration improvements for authentication services. These enhancements include a new configuration wizard that guides users through the configuration process, a help function to detect and diagnose problems, plus a test function that can be used in deployments.

These enhancements help simplify an otherwise potentially complicated system configuration and reduce uncertainties in the process, allowing system integrators to get the system up and running faster.

Achieving new levels of efficiency
As part of the continuous delivery model, the latest version of Security Center lays the foundation for ambitious new platform features that significantly simplify system configuration, management and auditing. This will benefit customers looking to ease day-to-day operations as much as those managing large, complex facilities. The new features will be introduced during 2024 and will enable advanced workflow activities, allowing operators to focus on the specific work that needs their attention.


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