Graduates are increasingly retraining into IT and Finance


Amsterdam 12 December 2023 - Graduate students with completely different study backgrounds are increasingly seeking their future in the IT and Finance sectors, according to an analysis by Calco, secondment and training provider of graduates to IT and Finance professionals. Growth opportunities and the combination of learning and working are the two main motivators for taking the 'retraining step'. Trainees from 225 different study backgrounds are currently being trained to move into sectors where there is a crying shortage of experienced professionals. From Masters in Communication, to Civil Engineering and even Japan Studies to IT or Finance. Once selected based on personality, skills and potential combined with the right ambition, the 'entrants' manage to hold their own exceptionally well in a new field.

The Netherlands continues to digitise at a furious pace, while facing long-term labour shortages. These shortages impact all business sectors. Primarily, a challenge has arisen because many required ICT positions cannot be filled internally within these sectors due to an ageing population and a shortage of new professionals graduating in the field. Calco's analysis shows that the majority of 'lateral entry' trainees choose IT.

Jan-Willem Gelderblom, Managing Director of Calco: "Over the next few years, many workers will be leaving and retiring. If you have the opportunity as an organisation, now is the perfect chance to work on your future workforce. The fact that these college and university graduates do not have exactly the right education is irrelevant. Cap them off the market and make sure you know how to integrate them into your organisation. After all, you will need these IT and Finance specialists. If only because of developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) or entire IT systems that need to be replaced."

He continues: "We see a shortage of the right trainees especially in banking and insurance, but also in aviation and food retail, for example. In addition, the need among SMEs is high. Fortunately, they are increasingly open to hiring the 'lateral entrants'. They accept that the trainee needs a bit more guidance and that specific experience is lacking. These entrepreneurs see that their talents are well developed and that they are capable of making a switch to the field they want to develop in. In this way, they can already cover part of their (future) staff shortages."

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