Growing knowledge gap due to strong rise of AI and ChatGPT


Educators, business and non-profit sector join forces in Summer Academy

 ChatGPT and other accessible applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are invading our lives in all sorts of ways. The consequences - as well as potential dangers - for citizens and professionals are unpredictable, which is why calls for regulation are increasing. To bridge the emerging knowledge gap, online training provider SkillsTown, together with representatives from the business and nonprofit sectors, is initiating an AI & ChatGPT Summer Academy.

In late March, 1,100 experts, academics and tech entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak warned in an open letter about the lightning-fast developments and called for a temporary halt to new AI developments.

Following an AI report by the Scientific Council for Government Policy, the government is calling for "the development of AI wisdom among the general public. As AI's capabilities grow exponentially, so does the knowledge gap between early adopters and professionals in a variety of professions who are already feeling the effects of the AI revolution.

Making sure no one is left behind

Inspired in part by CNV chairman Piet Fortuin's urgent appeal ("How do we prevent technology from ruling our working and thinking later?"), this is what prompted the joining of forces of educators, profit and non-profit organizations to launch the AI & ChatGPT Summer Academy, the largest online AI event in the Benelux.

Technological revolution

The AI & ChatGPT Summer Academy gives participants the opportunity to shape the future. More than 50 speakers and experts, from visionary scientists to forward-thinking entrepreneurs, share in-depth insights and practical tips on the current and future applications of AI, as well as the potential risks. The Summer Academy is not only an opportunity to learn, it is also an invitation to be part of the greatest technological revolution of our time.


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