Hawking en Tenzinger gaan zeer intensief samenwerken


Hawking and Tenzinger will work very closely together and ensure seamless integration of Medicore and Discovery

Hawking Healthcare Technology and Tenzinger are to collaborate intensively and become preferred partners. With this cooperation, the Netherlands enters a completely new future in terms of a trusted ECD combined with very user-friendly and effective healthcare technology.

Healthcare professionals can save a lot of time, gain more insight and enjoy working with the combination of Discovery from Hawking and the Medicore ECD from Tenzinger.

Discovery: the intelligent and user-friendly interface for healthcare professionals

Hawking Healthcare Technology, part of the Yes We Can Healthcare Group, develops intelligent software for the mental health, youth care and health insurance sectors. With its CareOS suite, of which Discovery is the most prominent part, Hawking provides data-driven, highly user-friendly and time-saving technology for healthcare professionals in mental health and youth care. With Discovery, the registration time of care treatments for various professions is more than halved. Moreover, with predictive and shareable algorithms, Discovery provides in-depth (real-time) insights into treatment effectiveness at individual and group level by integrating information from clients and care professionals. This enables healthcare professionals to make informed decisions, gain insights into what constitutes good care and improve client care.

Discovery and other components of CareOS are being developed by Hawking Healthcare Technology together with hundreds of healthcare professionals working in the clinics of Yes We Can Clinics, which has been providing highly effective and efficient help to adolescents and young adults with mental health, addiction and behavioural problems for more than 12 years.

Medicore: solid backbone and billing security

Yes We Can Clinics has been working with Tenzinger's Medicore ECD since its establishment; a leading ECD for mental health and youth care that is known for the quality of planning activities and processing and invoicing the care provided. Because of these properties, Discovery was developed with a connection to the Medicore ECD in mind right from the start, so that you really bring the best of two systems together, while for the user it blends flawlessly.

The best of both worlds

Medicore director Siep Kosse can hardly suppress his enthusiasm. "Hawking Healthcare Technology is really made from the healthcare provider's point of view, great! The combination of the Medicore ECD with Hawking Healthcare Technology is the best of both worlds for our clients. Discovery's and Medicore's technology fit together seamlessly by deploying Medicore's API platform, thus providing the perfect user experience."

Johan Linssen, COO of the Yes We Can Healthcare Group adds: "With the collaboration between Medicore's solid backbone and Discovery's innovative technology, we are entering a whole new future in healthcare. This collaboration could completely transform the mental health and youth care sector.

More time for care

Discovery's seamless integration with Medicore via the API platform gives healthcare professionals a very user-friendly, data-driven and time-saving interface that makes it easy to treat and register. At the same time, you also get a lot of information in return, for example in the form of alerts and insights, combined with Medicore's solid SaaS back office and API integration. By working with Discovery, all employees can work more efficiently and effectively and there is more time and attention for what really matters: the client.


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