ICT mantle Ministry of Justice & Security, COA and RIVM awarded to combination ilionx and CGI


ilionx and CGI (NYSE: GIB) (TSX: GIB.A) have been jointly appointed partners for a major framework ICT mantle agreement by the Ministry of Justice & Security, COA and RIVM, strengthening their position in the government market. From 15 November, these government bodies will be able to use this ICT umbrella awarded to a total of five parties. The four-year framework agreement, which was put out to European tender and has a value of up to €150 million, enables these government parties to hand over their projects to their IT partners in a more focused and faster way.

Agile teams
The combination ilionx and CGI scored very well on the deployment of Agile teams. The way in which ilionx and CGI apply knowledge in the field of Agile working and support and evaluate Agile working was highly appreciated by Uitvoeringscentrum EZK, the specialised department for government procurement. The speed and productivity of ilionx and CGI's teams also received high marks from the assessment committee.

Custom applications
The contracts have a contractual obligation to deliver a predetermined result. These are customised applications. Work on customised applications roughly consists of 'management and maintenance' and 'development and construction'. Management and maintenance is mainly limited to technical application management. Development and construction comprises a wide range of activities, such as programming, parameterisation, installation and roll-out, including all related preparatory ICT work. This involves not only new construction but also the further development of existing customised applications. Other activities include providing advice and performing impact analyses and audits.

Jos Kuijlenburg, Branch Director Zwolle at ilionx: "We are proud that the ilionx-CGI combination is once again successful. Last year, our combination was awarded the tender for result mandatory contracts at various ministries, such as VWS and Defence, as well as the SVB. We feel at home with both central and decentralised government and look forward to developing and maintaining relevant and future-proof applications for the Ministry of Justice & Security, COA and RIVM. At the same time, this cooperation offers the opportunity to use our knowledge and experience in impact analyses, architecture studies and technical advice."

Wilco Riemersma, sector lead Government at CGI: "We have been providing services to the Ministry of Justice & Security, COA and RIVM for decades. Awarding this ICT mantle framework agreement gives us the opportunity to take result responsibility for projects and services together with ilionx in addition to providing capacity. It strengthens our confidence that we are seen by the government as a true IT partner in the field of digitalisation. Because of our in-depth knowledge of both government and digitisation, work on existing and new customised applications is right up our street. We look forward to a successful deepening of our cooperation with both the Ministry of J&V, COA and RIVM and ilionx."


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