Johnson Controls said: Smart sustainable buildings help achieve global climate goals.


Johnson Controls showcases technologies to meet global climate goals at COP28 kick-off event

Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI), the global leader in smart, safe and sustainable buildings, is presenting emerging technologies at COP28 that are accelerating the path to net zero and delivering tangible change. Buildings account for 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, sustainable building technologies are one of the fastest ways to meet global climate goals.

Johnson Controls is hosting global leaders from the public and private sectors at a COP28 kick-off event at the Museum of the Future in Dubai. At the event, they will discuss developments in smart and sustainable buildings. The company also highlights what organisations can do to promote the sustainability of organisations.

"COP28 is a crucial moment for climate action. Especially now that we are over halfway to the final UN Sustainable Development Goals," says Katie McGinty, Vice President and Chief Sustainability and External Relations Officer at Johnson Controls. "Now is the time to accelerate building decarbonisation, achieve significant carbon and cost reductions to meet global climate goals. We look forward to engaging with our partners, colleagues, customers and other pioneering organisations that are leading the way in smart building transformation. We are eager to show what is possible."

Highlights of the event:

Interviews: Katie McGinty, Vice President and Chief Sustainability and External Relations Officer; Mark Reinbold, Vice President, Sustainable Infrastructure; and Mohammed Khalid Vice President and General Manager, Middle East, among others, are available for interviews.
Panel discussion: George Olivier, Chairman and CEO at Johnson Controls and Katie McGinty, along with other CEOs and prominent leaders within the energy transition and built environments, will conduct a roundtable discussion. The session will be recorded and available afterwards.
Pioneer Awards Ceremony: Johnson Controls honours the latest round of OpenBlue Pioneers. These awards recognise outstanding examples of visionary thinking and digital transformation. Previous winners have included Derwent London, Fiserv Forum and Intaleq.
Showcases from include:
Trends and insights following Johnson Controls research, conducted in collaboration with Forrester, on smart, safe and sustainable buildings.
Johnson Controls Net Zero Buildings Demoverse: an interactive, virtual reality tool that supports companies in exploring and achieving their decarbonisation, energy and resilience goals while optimising buildings.
Digital innovation with OpenBlue Enterprise Manager, the gateway to achieving sustainability and business goals.
Chiller Innovation: visitors can explore a chiller for innovation and energy efficiency via an augmented reality 360-walkthrough.
Tour of the Museum of the Future.


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