neomax launches RISE: platform for retraining to IT


Naarden - IT services provider neomax is launching neomax RISE, a platform for young professionals looking to retrain into IT, on June 9. The platform has a focus on women, as women are significantly underrepresented in the sector. neomax RISE offers various options: from a digital retraining course and an active community to a paid traineeship including a job guarantee. This ensures that RISE is accessible to everyone.

neomax DGTL, part of RISE
neomax DGTL, part of RISE, is a fully digital IT retraining program and thus a low-threshold way to get started within the IT sector. Through more than forty videos, participants build on their IT knowledge. To get an even better grasp of the knowledge acquired and to keep it interactive and energetic, neomax combines the videos with eleven live sessions.

The program consists of a unique combination of IT skills and personal development. neomax is convinced that if you want to build a sustainable career, elements such as your personal profile, time management, the right energy balance and setting achievable goals are essential. This program has been applied at neomax academy (the traineeship) for several years with successful results.

Richard Stassen, CEO at neomax: "IT is still too often seen as a technical profession that is all about zeros and ones. There are countless jobs in IT, a suitable role for everyone. Because there is still too little awareness of this, women are vastly underrepresented in the sector. IT is still primarily labeled as a male profession. RISE must contribute to breaking down the cliché image of IT professionals and building a renewed, beating image of the IT sector. Moreover, young professionals need personal development and career advancement. RISE challenges participants and boosts motivation. And motivated employees are the driving force behind success."

Richelle van Veldhuisen, head of neomax RISE: "It is important to show the market, and especially women, the opportunities in the IT sector. It is my personal mission to inspire as many people as possible to, like me, make the step into the IT sector. The entire business world hinges on IT. In addition, there are endless possibilities and job opportunities. With the program we have put together, we give participants all the tools for a flying start to their IT careers. I am especially proud of the combination between IT and personal development. I would have liked to have learned many elements at school so that I was better prepared for the professional field. Unfortunately, many courses fall short in this regard. And of course we do everything the neomax way: energetic, groundbreaking and connecting!"

neomax RISE for companies
In addition to traditional secondment, neomax now supports companies with neomax RISE. Many companies fill the shortage in their IT departments through RISE by having their own employees from other departments retrained in IT. The platform is also used to retrain IT employees. From the perspective of being a good employer and stimulating further training, the personal training budget is often used for this. Because the courses can be followed digitally and at one's own pace, it appeals to a broad group of participants.

First participants positive
Recently, a test group went through the program. Some reviews:

"I participated in the IT training course neomax DGTL. I really enjoyed this! I learned a lot in a short period of time. DGTL provides accurate information for anyone to feel confident at the beginning of their career. Very helpful when you have to start completely from scratch!" - Tinika Muller

"This course not only focuses on content, but also on competencies such as communication skills and solution-oriented working. As a result, you not only become much more knowledgeable, but you also make strides in your self-development" - Paulino Satchilombo

"Suppose you know absolutely nothing about IT, but want to retrain yourself or lay a good foundation for yourself, neomax DGTL comes highly recommended. The modules are made up of different videos and give a clear picture about the topic to be covered. Different trainers present the videos and in addition you can combine the videos with the workbook and other downloadable attachments. The topics covered give a good picture of the IT world. neomax DGTL opens a door, which will make you face the world of IT with confidence." - Kubilay On


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