Ortec Finance launches application for investment analysis


On 7 February 2024, Ortec Finance will launch its new investment analysis application for housing associations: SIM.

SIM uses the latest (web) technologies, already certified computing cores and links effortlessly with SAM for property control, WALS for financial control and TMS for property valuation. SIM is another step in Ortec Finance's roadmap towards integrating all applications for housing associations. SIM will replace the existing SMART Investment Tool and eventually Ortec Finance GO.

What does SIM do

SIM enables the user to draw up multiple project variants and compare them on outcomes. SIM calculates the financial and social effects of all variants. The results are displayed in the application in a clear way and can also be downloaded as a report. The financial performance can be tested against standards from the investment statute.

Validation and benchmarking

Additionally, it can be chosen from SIM to have investment calculations validated by SMART Real Estate. In addition, SMART Real Estate has a benchmark that includes all investment analyses validated by them.

More focus on the social contribution

With the release of SIM, Ortec Finance offers an application that not only provides insight into the financial performance of investment projects (such as IRR, direct return, market and policy value) but also into the social contribution of investment projects (such as the contribution to energy transition, affordability and quality). A clear presentation of the results and the possibility of creating reports for decision-making makes this a valuable support for the housing corporation.

More about SIM

About Real Estate Management

We help nearly 100 housing associations professionalise their property management and offer software solutions and advice for portfolio management, asset management and investment considerations. Want to know more about products and services that housing associations use to manage the complexity of property control? Visit www.ortecfinance.com//vastgoedsturing

About Ortec Finance

Ortec Finance is a global provider of leading technology and solutions for investment decision making. We design, build and deliver high-performance software models for asset-liability management, ex-ante and ex-post risk management, performance measurement, risk attribution and financial planning. Our clients are market leaders in pensions, sovereign and private wealth, insurance and asset management, but municipalities and housing associations also work with our models. Headquartered in Rotterdam, we have offices in Amsterdam, London, Toronto, Melbourne, New York and Zurich. www.ortecfinance.com


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