Perception gap between employees and management on work and AI


A new report from Accenture sheds light on the significant perception gap between employees and their managers when it comes to generative AI. "Work, Workforce, Workers: Reinvented in the Age of Generative AI" shows that while many employees recognise the benefits of AI, there are also concerns about job loss and increasing stress. Management teams seem to share these concerns less, with two-thirds admitting to not having the necessary skills to deal effectively with these technological changes.

"The gap in perception between employees and managers about the impact of AI is remarkable. On the one hand, we see that employees are aware of both the opportunities and challenges posed by AI. On the other hand, there is a clear lack of understanding and skills among executives to guide this transformation," said Rob Knigge, Country Managing Director of Accenture Netherlands. "It is essential perception that leaders recognise the emotional and professional impact of AI on their employees and actively develop strategies to create a positive experience and environment in which everyone can thrive."

The report distinguishes between 'Reinventors', companies that are leading in the use of generative AI, and shows how they are innovating work processes. "Generative AI has a more profound impact than any previous technology. It transforms not only what we do, but also how we work," says Roy Ikink, Lead Technology at Accenture Netherlands. "Forward-thinking organisations understand that leveraging generative AI goes beyond automation. It requires a fundamental overhaul of working methods, engaging employees in the change process and a culture that embraces innovation and continuous learning."

Innovative organisations are actively creating an agile workforce and investing in developing both technical and social skills. This approach could lead to an additional $10.3 trillion in economic value by 2038.

The research findings also highlight the need for leadership in this transition. "It is essential perception that leaders take responsibility for fostering a culture of continuous growth and adaptation. This starts with recognising the power of AI and fostering a learning mindset within the organisation," Knigge adds.


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