PRGoeroes increases visibility of Le Wagon


Tech training institute Le Wagon has been much more visible in the media since three months. This is thanks to PR agency PRGoeroes' commitment to the company.

Le Wagon has been operating in Amsterdam for seven years, focusing on training in web development and data. The international company reached the milestone of 20,000 graduates earlier this year.

Le Wagon's goal is to help more and more people in the Netherlands get in-demand tech skills and grow the number of 'tech women' in our country. These objectives are a good match with PRGoeroes. Indeed, the PR agency has a great affinity with the tech sector, business services and gender equality.

Name recognition
PRGoeroes provided free publicity for Le Wagon in recent months on websites such as Emerce, Techvisor, Computable and Dutch Tech on Heels. The training institute's brand awareness has increased so much, and Le Wagon is therefore very satisfied with the agency's efforts and cooperation with PRGoeroes' Jennifer Delano.

"Jennifer is a very committed professional," says Angela Elizabeth López Lavado of Le Wagon. "She is very knowledgeable about what is going on in the Dutch tech industry and can therefore quickly relate to the specific needs of companies. In addition, she is very positive and optimistic. She always brings interesting topics to the table, whether for work or just for an informal chat. It was super fun to work with her!"


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