RAI Amsterdam first venue in Europe with private 5G network


New technology is next step as innovation hub
Amsterdam, 1 February 2024 - RAI Amsterdam is the first exhibition and conference organiser in Europe with a private 5G network. With this new technology, which has only been available in the Netherlands since 1 December 2023, the RAI is taking the next step as an innovation centre. The private 5G network, which is currently the safest, fastest and most reliable mobile network, will be used for the first time at Cisco Live, one of the world's biggest IT events, from 5 to 9 February.

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RAI Amsterdam is the first exhibition and conference organiser in Europe with a private 5G network. The new technology will be used for the first time from 5 to 9 February during Cisco Live, one of the largest IT events in the world. Click on the picture to download the royalty-free high-resolution image.

"We are increasingly evolving from a traditional exhibition and conference venue to an innovation platform and knowledge centre where events take place," says Bret Baas, manager IT and Digital at RAI Amsterdam. "New technologies are very important for both our clients and ourselves. They make more technologically possible during events, such as flying around with drones or showing and forwarding videos in the highest quality. At the same time, it helps to make our building smarter, which is important for crowd control and sustainability, for example."

Next step mobile internet development
The private 5G network is a result of the digital transformation RAI Amsterdam has embarked on. According to Baas, the exhibition and conference organiser is leading the way in Europe with this. "5G is the next step in the development of mobile internet. It ensures secure and fast data transfer. One of the big advantages of a private 5G network is that, unlike with Wi-Fi, network overloading hardly ever occurs anymore. In addition, 5G does not require cables. And it offers exhibitors and customers many more options and allows us to be very flexible towards them."

With the help of cooperation partners NTT Data and Cisco, the new network for this pilot was built in a short time. Jeroen van Hamersveld, managing director NTT Data Netherlands: "5G is accelerating digital transformation in various sectors, including in the conference and event industry. Thanks to the private 5G network, both RAI and its clients can showcase new concepts and innovations, such as the Internet of Things."

Ready for the future
During IT exhibition Cisco Live, the RAI's private 5G network will be available for the first time. According to Edwin Prinsen, general director of Cisco Netherlands, the construction of 5G is an example of the successful collaboration between Cisco, RAI and NTT Data. "Delivering a private 5G network within six weeks is an impressive achievement. This pilot benefits both RAI Amsterdam and us. A successful launch enables us to deploy interactive real-time video during Cisco Live in Amsterdam for live streaming on location, without long cables, which makes everything much easier. Moreover, it opens the door to other innovative applications that, for example, help better manage large visitor flows. With this private 5G, RAI Amsterdam is ready for the future."

Besides the potential for Cisco Live, Baas also sees many opportunities for other events: "For example at Intertraffic Amsterdam or IBC, a lot of communication between equipment takes place. And during cleaning event Interclean, a lot of cleaning robots drive around. Then our private 5G network ensures that this goes without a hitch."

Baas outlines what else is possible in theHealthcare Analytics Summit Announces Keynote Speakers for 2024 Event • Dutch Tech On Heels "Self-driving cars are going to use 5G networks. In fact, it is crucial, because you cannot have any delay if a car has to react to a traffic sign. And also for television broadcasting, as has already happened for Charles' coronation in Britain, people are going to use 5G to make sure there is no delay in transmitting increasingly heavy footage and that everything is secure."

About RAI Amsterdam
RAI Amsterdam is an international event and conference organiser. Since 1893, RAI Amsterdam has been bringing people together, connecting and inspiring them by organising and facilitating meaningful encounters. Whether it is a public event, a large conference, an international trade fair, a dance event or a theatre performance. In 2023, over 1.5 million visitors found their way to RAI Amsterdam. Visitors to RAI Amsterdam spend around 200 million euros annually in the city of Amsterdam on hotel stays, taxis, public transport, restaurants and shops.


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