Renowned journalist ridicules XRP community


The overall crypto community is large, however, it is mostly divided into several sub-communities. However, no one community is as strong as the XRP community. It is therefore striking that a top financial journalist has decided to ridicule this very community, better known as the XRP Army.

Experienced financial journalist Charles Gasparino recently had a sharp discussion with proponents of XRP, the cryptocurrency associated with the technology company Ripple. Gasparino's post, dripping with irony, took XRP to task. The reporter imagined a world discussing conspiracy theories from the controversial community in Davos. He said the following:

Yes Ripple and XRP are world famous; ETHGate is currently being discussed in Davos; the Pope has started a prayer service for all XRP holders who lost so much money when the price dropped from $3; The White House has set up a task force…"

BlackRock XRP ETF?
The XRP community recently buzzed with speculation following BlackRock CEO Larry Fink's ambiguous remark about a potential XRP exchange-traded fund (ETF). However, Gasparino clarified that Fink may not know what XRP actually is, and therefore the community should not read too much into his ambiguous answer.

With this dismissive remark, however, the journalist did not make himself popular in the XRP community, giving rise to the sarcastic post mentioned above.

Fink, who once viewed Bitcoin with scepticism, now recognises its potential and reflects the financial sector's evolving attitude towards digital currencies. However, the financial behemoth does not seem ready to embrace more arcane cryptocurrencies such as XRP.

Gasparino's history with the XRP community
This is not the first time Gasparino has clashed with the XRP community. A recent heated discussion on social media marks a new chapter in the ongoing feud between the journalist and XRP supporters.

Gasparino, known for his straightforward reporting, has previously dismissed conspiracy theories from some members of the community. These theories often included accusations against former US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman Jay Clayton and his actions against Ripple.

Gasparino's blunt dismissal of these theories as "idiotic" has further inflamed the contentious relationship between him and XRP proponents.


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