Research: Netherlands dangles at bottom in gender diversity techsector


The Dutch tech sector is still dominated by male founders and
employees. 90% of Dutch founders in the startup ecosystem are
male, according to Techleap's State of Dutch Tech report. This is an
organisation that helps young and innovative companies in the
The Netherlands performs worse than Sweden (89%), Germany (87%)
and the UK (87%) in terms of gender diversity in the tech industry.

Source: Techleap
Women make up only 18% of the total Dutch workforce in the tech
sector. This is the lowest number in Europe.
"Although the number of female entrepreneurs is growing, very few
scale-ups are run by female entrepreneurs", the report states.
"Relatively few women are still active in the tech sector in the
Netherlands. That is very unfortunate", says Franck Dirat, City Manager
Amsterdam of tech training institute Le Wagon. "At Le Wagon, we are
trying to reverse this trend."
35% of Amsterdam alumni are currently women at Le Wagon. "This
number is growing. In the past six months, the percentage is as high as
47%. All in all, a very good and hopeful trend", Franck Dirat believes.


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