Sales Hub gets revamps and HubSpot expands relationship LinkedIn for competitive advantage sales teams


Sales has always been about 'more': more reps, more calls, more technology. But today, budgets are shrinking, deals are taking longer to close and prospects are harder to reach. The standard 'more is more' playbook no longer works and sales reps are feeling the pressure. That's why HubSpot is launching a new Sales Hub at INBOUND 2023, to help sales teams keep growing and winning.

HubSpot Sales Hub's key features:

Prospecting workspace: A place where sales reps can do all their prospecting work. The prospecting workspace improves sales teams' efficiency by helping them focus, plan and prioritise. Currently available in public beta.
Lead management and reporting: Organise, monitor and prioritise leads, providing richer data and visibility for both sales and marketing teams. Sales managers and their marketing colleagues can gather new insights into lead pipeline efficiency and the effectiveness of prospecting campaigns.
Lead reports, including reports on lead sources and contact rates, give marketers insight into the impact of their leads and give sales managers insight into how contact progresses with valuable leads. Currently available in public beta.
Prospecting reports give sales managers a holistic view of the effectiveness of their team members, including conversion rates and various other metrics about their activities.
Intelligent deal management and forecasting: New AI-driven features help sales teams better prioritise and forecast.
AI Forecasting uses HubSpot's predictive AI to forecast future sales based on historical sales data. Early tests show that AI Forecasting has some teams to improve accuracy by up to 95%. Currently in closed beta.
Deal insights help reps prioritise their deals by providing context into the quality of their pipeline and sales process.
Deal labels automatically categorise deals using coloured labels and default settings, allowing reps to focus on the right deals.
Planning and transfer: Prospects are flawlessly transferred to the right rep regardless of origin.
Reps can schedule meetings on behalf of others for a streamlined handover between sales development and sales.
Form routing ensures that leads coming in via website forms are automatically qualified and assigned to the right reps. Currently available in public beta.
Enhanced collaboration between HubSpot and LinkedIn: We ensure that sales reps can find prospects, build relationships and close deals smarter and more efficiently through a synchronisation between HubSpot's Smart CRM and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Available in closed beta later this month.
"With buying behaviour changing rapidly, the old playbook of adding more staff, more activities and more solutions to drive sales is no longer useful," said Michael Walton, VP Product, Sales Hub at HubSpot. "We have thoroughly overhauled Sales Hub to help sales teams increase productivity while deepening the connection with their customers. From prospecting and lead reporting to deal management and forecasting - we've redoubled our efforts to build the modern sales solution sales teams need to keep winning now and in the future."


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