SME entrepreneurs now scan own website for digital vulnerabilities themselves


The SME Cyber Campus is introducing the SME Web Scan (MWS). An online tool that allows entrepreneurs to detect vulnerabilities in their websites themselves. The introduction will take place at the European cyber security event "The ONE Conference" in The Hague. The tool requires no technical knowledge from users and aims to increase digital resilience.

Practical tool

The SME Web Scan is a practical tool for entrepreneurs. Based on an entered web address (URL), the MKB Web Scan analyses the vulnerabilities of the website in question. Afterwards, the entrepreneur receives an analysis of the vulnerabilities found and advice on what should be prioritised. Prioritisation is based on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). This is an industry standard for assessing the severity of security problems in computer systems.

The SME Web Scan (MWS) scans fully automatically including:

Used web technologies such as CMS, Javascript frameworks
Checks all software versions found for known vulnerabilities
Searches for subdomains and associated servers
TCP port scan on underlying servers and vulnerable services on open TCP ports
Web crawlers and directory scans to find hidden web pages and files
Known OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities such as (SQL) Injections and Cross Site Scripting
Informative facts about errors found in websites (headers, 404/502 responses or similar)
Enhancing digital resilience at your fingertips

Erik Miedema, director of MKB Cyber Campus, welcomes the introduction of the first MKB Web Scan for digital vulnerabilities. "With the MKB Web Scan, we help entrepreneurs very concretely work on digital resilience. The scan is easy to use for every entrepreneur and every website. This puts increasing digital resilience within reach. And we make speed with increasing digital resilience. Because you can safely conclude that when you read the Cybersecurity Assessment 2023: speed is of the essence," Miedema said.

MKB Cyber Campus

The MKB Cyber Campus is the place where business, education, governments and the Digital Trust Centre work together to build digital resilience for SMEs. Its mission is to make SMEs resilient in the fight against fast-growing cybercrime.


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