StyleSearch unveils advanced AI platform to transform shopping experience


StyleSearch, the international fashion platform, launched an exciting upgrade to their platform on 14 June 2023. Using powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI), StyleSearch enables consumers to search for clothes and accessories effortlessly. What once started as a beta version has now been transformed into a mature platform with greatly enhanced AI features and integrated styles from influential fashion influencers. This gives StyleSearch a first as the first AI fashion platform to be fully integrated with these influencers. This major step marks StyleSearch's ambition to become a leading player in the fashion tech industry.

StyleSearch was born a few years ago out of personal frustration while shopping online. Orpheo Bena, CEO of StyleSearch, shares, "It simply took far too long to finally find the garment you were looking for. From our passion for technology, we were convinced that this had to and could be different." He continues: "Our principle is both simple and technologically complex: influencers wear inspiring looks, consumers get inspired and want to be able to buy them directly from the brands offering these products. We bring these three parties together and provide consumers, influencers and brands alike with the best functionalities and support. 'AI Search', 'Search by Image' and 'Shop the Look' are our guiding principles.

StyleSearch's powerful AI helps consumers find the right product quickly. Visitors to the platform can refine search results by liking or disliking products. AI Search then displays similar options from the same shop and from other shops in a convenient overview.

'Search by image' allows visitors to search based on a photo. Once a photo is uploaded, the database searches which garment most closely resembles the item in the photo.

StyleSearch also collaborates with more than 800 influential fashion influencers. "These influencers daily upload their fashion looks from Instagram and/or TikTok to our platform," Orpheo explains. "They specify what they are wearing, so consumers can always find the exact item, and thanks to our AI, these fashion looks are enriched by showing which similar garments can be found in different shops. This collaboration offers a seamless integration between what you see on social media and the ease of finding matching products in online shops."

StyleSearch mainly targets men and women between the ages of 20 and 45, a target group that often shops online at various retailers. Well-known retailers such as Asos, De Bijenkorf, Mango and Stradivarius have joined StyleSearch's platform. On 15 June 2023, StyleSearch's founders will present the new platform at VivaTech Paris, Europe's biggest tech event, where, as a Dutch startup, they have been invited to share their inspiring story with an international audience.


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