Talitha Papelard nieuwe general manager Northwave Benelux


Northwave Netherlands BV, the leading provider of managed cybersecurity solutions, announces that Talitha Papelard will assume the role of General Manager for the Benelux as of January 1, 2024. Northwave hereby expands the number of female leaders.

In the new year, Northwave is breaking new ground on the regional and strategic front and focusing on innovation within Europe. Talitha Papelard succeeds Pim Takkenberg as General Manager for the Benelux. Takkenberg has held this role at Northwave for many years and will now fill a new position in the group; as General Manager he will lead the newly created Innovation & Investigation department.

Talitha Papelard previously held the role of Director of Business Security within Northwave, demonstrating both leadership and expertise in cybersecurity. She is now a household name within the cybersecurity domain; in addition, she has lectured at several universities and higher education institutions and is an active speaker. Before making the move to Northwave, she worked at KPN, where she was responsible for cybersecurity services.

Steven Dondorp, CEO and owner of the Northwave Group, says the following about the changes in leadership: "I am extremely proud that Talitha will fill this important role for our company and with this we have also achieved that 50% of the management positions will be held by a woman. I am confident that Talitha will also be of great value to Northwave in her new position by further strengthening our excellent market position in the Benelux."

With these changes, Northwave continues to focus on Europe for further growth there, further expanding the wealth of cybersecurity knowledge and experience it already has.

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