Thunderboom Records: innovative music lab tests new AI, AR and Avatar technologies at ESNS


Thunderboom Records, an independent innovation lab at the forefront of music and new technologies such as AI and mixed reality, is poised to change the music world. During Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) in Groningen, Thunderboom Records, in collaboration with Innofest, will present and test its groundbreaking music project in the Artist Village.

With a mission to seamlessly integrate technology into creative expression, Thunderboom Records will introduce their project 'Open Culture Tech' during ESNS. This initiative, in collaboration with Reblika, Superposition and Beeld&Geluid, is specifically designed to offer Dutch artists access to cutting-edge technologies. Without losing sight of the essential aspects of artistic freedom, data privacy and transparency.

Latest technology
"World-renowned artists have the opportunities and resources to experiment with the most cutting-edge technology. For example, Grimes clones her voice with AI, the Gorillaz are an AR experience in Times Square and Travis Scott is an avatar in Fortnite. But how do we ensure that (emerging) artists in the Netherlands have the opportunities and resources to also work with the latest technology? Through our Open Culture Tech initiative, which we are testing during ESNS, we want to frame as much as possible the needs of emerging artists when it comes to the use of new technologies in the music industry and whether our tools fit that," said Max Tiel, co-founder Thunderboom Records.

During the event, several AI, AR and Avatar tools will be introduced backstage via Innofest. Artists will be invited to experience these technologies and discuss how to apply them in their own work. Feedback will be gathered from artists, audiences and music industry professionals to develop inclusive, complementary and transparent technological solutions. This initiative is a step towards creating a level playing field for all musicians in the Netherlands, where they can work safely and autonomously with the latest technological capabilities.

Thunderboom Records is known for its dedication to creative collaborations, open-source projects and innovative live experiences. This ESNS event promises to be an exciting and inspiring experience for artists and music professionals striving to advance their craft.

About Thunderboom Records
Thunderboom Records is an independent innovation lab, founded by Joost de Boo (innovation designer) and Max Tiel (musician and producer), that pushes boundaries in the music industry through the seamless integration of new technologies. Their goal is to enrich artists' creative expression through technology, while maintaining the core values of artistic freedom and integrity.


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