Togg launches revolutionary AI camera project at CES 2024


Togg introduces latest application for its smart device, the AI camera
Each drive opens a door to a new world powered by AI technology
Instant access to advanced image processing technologies, image management, AI-powered filters and photo editing tools to unleash the inner artist in the user
Togg, the Turkish global technology brand, is enhancing the user experience in its smart devices with a new AI camera feature. It allows users to capture, edit, share and save every moment of the journey, creating lasting memories.

Togg's latest AI camera project was unveiled at CES at the same time as the global launch of its latest model, the T10F, reinforcing the brand's core principle of developing innovative forward-looking technologies for future generations.

The AI camera, mounted just above the rear-view mirror, has a wide-angle lens perfectly positioned to get all passengers in every picture. Using 19 different AI algorithms, including scene recognition, automatic light correction, face and smile detection, object tracking and autofocus, even the simplest images can be customised. Various AI filters can be applied at the touch of a button, allowing access to new worlds such as cyberpunk, space, cat-themed 'paws' or future fantasy to recreate scenes from epic adventures.

The AI camera app can be accessed via Trumore TruStore, which can be used by the passenger at any time, or by the driver when the car is parked. Users can unleash their inner artist after taking photos by editing images before sharing them with friends via social media, messaging or email, or even display the entire image gallery in 'exhibition mode' during a trip to share the fun.


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