Trend Micro first to market AI-powered Cybersecurity Assistant


Trend Vision One - Companion helps analysts detect and respond to threats faster
Amsterdam, 27 November 2023 - Trend Micro, a global leader in cyber security, introduces Trend Companion, its new generative AI tool. This tool helps security analysts by driving streamlined workflows and higher productivity.

Kevin Simzer, COO of Trend, says: "Overburdened security teams struggle with the sheer volume and complexity of threat data. Trend Companion is our answer: an innovative, generative AI tool designed to reduce complexity and accelerate security operations. It illustrates the transformative nature of our cyber security platform. While others are more conservative in materialising their offerings, we have invested considerably to bring this to market with high speed and quality."

Trend Companion can reduce the time analysts spend on manual risk assessment and threat research by 50% or more thanks to a clear language interface that:
Explains and contextualises alerts;
Examines and recommends custom response actions;
Decodes and explains complex scripts and command lines;
Helps analysts develop and execute sophisticated queries for threat detection;
Helps incident responders develop OSQuery queries in the IR and Forensics module.
More than 13,000 Trend Micro customers already have access to Trend Companion, allowing SecOps analysts - regardless of their skill level - to reduce average turnaround time and make faster and more informed decisions.

Analysts predict that generative AI will eventually be built into all major security products. Jon Oltsik, leading analyst and fellow at TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group, says Trend Companion has the potential to bridge the gap between SecOps knowledge and execution. "Companion can help security teams gain better security insights, detect and respond to threats faster and strengthen their defences. I look forward to the impact this technology will have for security practitioners, but also the broader implications for addressing the industry's staffing and talent shortage."

Data crucial for effectiveness AI tools
Threat alerts in Trend Vision One are model-driven so they can adapt to the changing threat landscape. However, AI alone is not enough to make security teams work as efficiently as possible. The data on which this is based is crucial. This is the value of Trend's global threat research team, the Zero Day Initiative, the world's largest vendor agnostic bug bounty programme.

The combination of adaptive, model-driven threat alerts in Trend Vision One and Companion's GenAI capabilities can cut incident response time by 30%, reduce incident reporting by up to two hours per report and provide more complete attack containment. "Trend Vision One has saved us 10% of our time," says Matthew Guzzi, information systems manager for the South Carolina State Library. "It has eliminated the need for us to rebuild machines. It has helped us even more, because the few times we faced a threat, the solution stopped it immediately."

Trend Companion helps reduce the likelihood of breaches for threat actors even before they occur. Find out more about the AI-powered Trend Vision One platform here.


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