X (Twitter) challenger 'Threads' reaches over 800 thousand Dutch people in first four weeks


Since the launch of social media platform Threads as of 14 December, 829,000 people have already visited the app and/or website from X.

Threads visitors have a different profile than competitor X (Twitter). Threads' profile is more female and younger than competitor X.

In the first four weeks after the introduction of the new Meta platform, 829,000 people in the Netherlands have already used Threads (5.5% reach).

Reach is highest among young people aged 13-34; 327,000 of them have visited Threads. This means that 39% of those reached by Threads are under the age of 35. Interestingly, compared to competitor X, Threads' profile is significantly more female: 57% of Threads users are women, compared to 40% at X.

In frequency of visits, Threads and app users are almost equal: for both, one half uses the service 1 to 5 days a month and the other half 6 days or more.

Of the Threads visitors, 72% also visit them, so 28% are not X visitors (anymore). This added reach on Threads also consists mainly of women.

Threads is the youngest member of the Meta family (which also includes Instagram and Facebook, among others) and this allows Instagram users to use their Instagram account to log into Threads. This is reflected in the profiles of both services. The profile of Threads visitors shows great similarities with that of Instagram visitors.


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