Crypto Bundles now also available in the Netherlands - Finst


Since today, it is also possible to purchase Crypto Bundles in the Netherlands. So announced Finst one of the newest cryptocurrency brokers today in a press release. Crypto Bundles can be compared to ETFs, a hugely popular investment option among private investors. Curious about Finst and/or these crypto bundles in this article you will find all the answers.
Crypto Bundles Finst

Crypto bundles had already been available abroad for a while, but since today for the first time in the Netherlands at cryptocurrency broker Finst. A nice step for crypto adoption in the Netherlands, as bundles allow investors to better spread their risks and thus the step to invest in crypto has become a bit smaller again.

Initially, Finst will start offering seven different Crypto Bundles. A basket of the top 2, - 5, - 10 and - 25 based on current market capitalisation, a 'DeFi Bundle' for the decentralised finance sector and a 'Green Bundle' with a selection of sustainable cryptoassets such as Ethereum.

A secure basket of crypto
The advantage of these Crypto bundles is that you have little to worry about, or get help from Finst in keeping an eye on your baskets. For instance, the bundles will be automatically rebalanced monthly to stay in line with cryptocurrency market movements. Also, these bundles will be housed separately with a foundation to ensure asset segregation. In a solid way, you as an investor are less at risk since Finst would go bankrupt, for instance.



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