"If you want a lot, you should not ask for a little."


It's one of the many tips, advice, and anecdotes shared during the Panel 35 discussion on Career Advancement for Women in Tech at The Hague Tech. The place we launched our platform.

During the event, there was a panel Hendrika Willemse-VreugdenhilWafa M'ribah, and Jennifer Delano on topics like:
- What women can do to boost their careers in tech. 💪
- Why it is important that companies show that they value the women on their teams. 💎
- How young women can break into the world of Artificial Intelligence. 👩‍💻
- What men can contribute to the career advancement of women in tech. 🤝

After the panel discussion, we celebrated the launch of the DutchTechOnHeels platform powered by PRGoeroes.

You can listen to the entire panel discussion on Spotify, Apple, Goodpods, and Google via https://lnkd.in/eZZb2umT

A special thank you to Laoise Rodgers and her team at The Hague Tech for organizing the Panel 35 event and Holland Park Media for recording the live stream and this podcast. Picture credits: Guus J. Baks, professioneel fotograaf and PRGoeroes.


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