Ironhack joins forces in training IT talent


Tech Campus Ironhack offers bootcamps and part-time programs in UX/UI design, data analytics, cybersecurity and web development. The company, with its Dutch office in Amsterdam, does this in partnership with TechMeUp, an IT training fund and regional work centers. These collaborations were started to make IT training possible for a broader group of people.

TechMeUp is committed to helping budding IT talent so they don't have to worry about tuition fees, travel expenses or losing income from a job. The organization does this by issuing interest-free loans that are repaid only upon finding a job.
The regional work centers focus on helping people find and keep jobs. Through these collaborations with training provider Ironhack, anyone who aspires to work in tech - regardless of gender, background or financial situation - can get started with appropriate education.

Financial support
"Retraining often requires a considerable investment. Of course, such an education costs not only time, but also money. There is the tuition fee, but often students also go backwards in salary for a while, because they have less or no room left to work. Not everyone can afford that. We are glad that we can financially support the students who want to follow Ironhack's bootcamps in this, so that students can study carefree!" said Nikky Hofland of TechMeUp.

Increasing diversity in tech
Whitney van der Zanden of Ironhack, also explains why it is important that these collaborations have started: "By increasing diversity in tech, we are capitalizing on the high demand for IT talent. Too much of the focus is still on people-mostly men-who have a background in IT. But this is far from always relevant in a business that is so incredibly changing. Moreover, if we remain dependent on students who choose an IT education after high school, we will never be able to meet the demand from the business world either."

Tech benefits are endless
By getting into a retraining or training program in tech now, talents can get started quickly. "The benefits of working in the tech industry are endless. Salaries are good, the demand for staff is very high and you can work remotely with flexible working hours. That makes it attractive to a more diverse group of people to get into tech, which is why the collaborations with TechMeUp and regional work centers are super interesting," Whitney said.


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