One-third of large organizations find on-premises old-fashioned


Utrecht - A third (34%) of IT decision-makers within large organizations consider an IT environment that does not run (fully) in the cloud not of our time. This appears from research by Microsoft Dynamics 365 expert Conclusion MBS, conducted among 300 IT decision makers and influencers at organizations with more than 300 employees.

When an IT environment is not (fully) in the cloud, it worries IT decision makers. For example, nearly three in 10 (28%) are concerned about how the organization stays relevant with an IT environment that is not running (fully) in the cloud. Flexibility and agility are also a concern. Likewise, 28 percent are concerned about this when the IT environment is not (fully) in the cloud.

Is the cloud a hype?
Yet not everyone praises the cloud. One-fifth (19%) of IT decision makers think the cloud is a hype. According to them, the added value compared to on-premises is nil. Over a quarter (27%) feel that their organization only went to the cloud (in part) because organizations around them are doing the same. Indeed, according to IT decision makers, most of the major players in their industry have already made the move to the cloud. Only 17 percent say they do not know of a single major player within their own industry that has gone to the cloud.

Jan-Douwe Jilderda, director at Conclusion MBS: "Cloud computing has been available to the general public for over 20 years and has more than proven its added value. So there is absolutely no question of hype. Moreover, the cloud offers organizations several advantages. For example, scalability, which automatically means flexibility and agility. This allows you to easily respond to changes, enter new markets and thus grow. However, the transition to the cloud is all about change, something people are not always looking forward to. This is often due to ignorance. Successful cloud adoption therefore requires adequate change management, with plenty of employee participation. The journey to the cloud ultimately affects their day-to-day way of working, so you really have to bring them into this well."

About the research
This research was commissioned by Conclusion MBS and conducted by Markteffect among 300 influencers and decision makers in the field of IT, within organizations with at least 300 FTE.


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