KPN launches Experience Stores with XR games for entrepreneurs


KPN has launched two Experience Stores this year. In these, space is given to (local) entrepreneurs to showcase their digital innovations. Software company Fectar has designed three special mini-games for these two Experience Stores.

KPN opened an Experience Store at Ekkersrijt in Eindhoven in March. It was the first KPN XL shop with such a VR & AR Experience Centre for entrepreneurs. A few months ago, an Experience Store was opened in Amsterdam-Duivendrecht.

Software company Fectar from Den Bosch developed three mini-games in Extended Reality for the Experience Stores, which visitors can experience both in the store and at home. Extended Reality (XR) is a combination of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), allowing the mini-games to be experienced on different devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and VR headsets. Users can easily experience the XR experience through the Fectar app.

Online safety

"The aim of the mini-games is to make entrepreneurs (more) aware of the dangers of cybersecurity," says Nicolette Ooijevaar, manager Direct Channels SME at KPN. "The entrepreneur is challenged to think about cybersecurity and how he can already take steps now to boost his online security together with KPN."

For example, in one of the games, the entrepreneur is reminded that a strong password is important and that multi-factor authentication is a must have to do business safely. Another game addresses the dangers of phishing. "We are very happy with the cooperation with Fectar," states Nicolette. "In a playful way, entrepreneurs gain insight into the importance of good cybersecurity."


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