Large number of startups in Utrecht region in 2022


The number of startups in the Utrecht region reached 1,064 in 2022. This puts the region in second place behind North Holland, based on the number of startups per population. This is according to the recently published Startup Monitor of Startup Utrecht Region and the ROM Utrecht Region for the past year.

The Utrecht Region consists of the province of Utrecht plus the Gooi- en Vechtstreek region. This region was the only one of the top four provinces to have more registered investment rounds for startups in 2022 than in 2021, 51 in 2022 versus 42 in 2021. However, the amount raised of 223 million euros in 2022 does not come close to the approximately 650 million euros in 2021.

Most startups in Health

Of the 1,064 startups in the Utrecht Region, most are active in the Health industry, namely 128 (12%). However, some of these startups do combine their core business Health with another activity. When the Media and Gaming sectors are combined, this category comes in second place, with 95 startups in total.

The 51 funding rounds involved 73 unique investors. Often an investment takes place with co-investors and thus multiple investors pull up on one deal. The largest known investor in the region in 2022 is the ROM Utrecht Region with 11 deals.

Most startups in the Utrecht Region are located in the municipality of Utrecht (532), followed by the municipality of Amersfoort (118) and the municipality of Hilversum (69). The Gooi- and Vecht Region as a whole has 145 startups.


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