RobotWise and bol (formerly join hands again to increase opportunity equality


More and more girls are signing up for 'bulldog fall camp'

During the fall break, from Oct. 18 to 20, RobotWise, in collaboration with bol. (formerly, is organizing the "brainy autumn camp" for the third year in a row. Notable is the growing interest of girls in technology.

Children from 9 to 12 years old with an educational disadvantage, from schools in Utrecht's Kanaleneiland district, are invited to bol's headquarters. During this three-day fall camp, the emphasis is on fun, curiosity and ingenuity. All activities encourage students to work together, playfully learning to program using various physical robots. Through the variety of tasks and robots, all levels of learning and thinking are naturally addressed, while the children playfully practice important social skills such as creativity, problem solving and analytical thinking.

Gender gap
RobotWise and sphere also strive to narrow the gender gap at the Robot Playground. This is working, as more girls than boys now sign up for this camp. Tamar Neter, founder of RobotWise, notes, "We see that girls get excited when they can engage with technology in a creative way. They gain positive experiences, discover their hidden talents and gain extra self-confidence."

Michaela Radstaat-aus dem Spring, Tech Community Builder at bol. & Lead digital skills at bollebozen, adds, "This year we are celebrating the third anniversary of the Robotics Camp in partnership with RobotWise! During this now annual tradition, we aim to inspire these young people to explore the world of technology and robotics. Our main aim remains unchanged: to provide equal opportunities for all children. We want them to discover how exciting a career in technology can be. Through this Robotics Camp, we hope to plant a seed for the future so that they can have a promising career."


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