Safer software development, AI-driven automation and more - key product launches at Red Hat Summit 2023


Safer software development, AI-driven automation and more - key product launches at Red Hat Summit 2023

Red Hat, provider of open source solutions, is unveiling a range of new products and services. The announcements were made by Red Hat during its annual Summit and consist of solutions that make developers' lives easier, simplify automation and make it more cost-effective, and improve the security of software and cloud environments.

The Red Hat Developer Hub makes developers' lives easier.
An internal developer platform based on Spotify's Backstage, the Red Hat Developer Hub is designed to improve developers' user experience on Red Hat's open hybrid cloud platforms. The Hub provides numerous guidelines and best practices as well as plug-ins for Backstage to accelerate the onboarding and deployment of new applications.

Read more about the Red Hat Developer Hub here.

The Trusted Software Supply Chain makes software development more secure.
The Red Hat Trusted Software Supply Chain is a collection of cloud services for software supply chain security. For example, the Trusted Application Pipeline provides a CI/CD pipeline with built-in security tools. A second feature, Red Hat Trusted Content, provides developers with real-time visibility into vulnerabilities and security risks due to the open source components used. In addition, this service provides suggestions to minimize risks as well as access to a curated collection of trusted open source content.

Read all about Red Hat's Trusted Software Supply Chain here.

Ansible Lightspeed offers AI-driven IT automation.
As part of the next phase of Project Wisdom, an open beta has been announced of Ansible Lightspeed, which uses the IBM Watson Code Assistant - a new generative AI service for automation with Ansible. This service uses natural language processing (NLP) to rapidly develop automation code, making automation faster, more consistent and more accurate. The open beta is expected to be available from June 2023.

Read more about Ansible Lightspeed.

Event-Driven Ansible Accelerates IT Automation.
A new implementation of Ansible works on an event-driven architecture, as opposed to the older request-based architecture. This means that automation does not depend on requests from the software, but rather Ansible itself determines what actions are needed based on observed software events. This allows automation to be configured much more efficiently and managed more easily. Event-Driven Ansible is expected to become widely available in June 2023.

Read more about Event-Driven Ansible.

Red Hat Service Interconnect seamlessly connects services, applications and workloads.
Based on the open source project, Red Hat Service Interconnect is a unique solution that allows developers without extensive networking experience to make secure connections between applications in different container environments.

Read more about Service Interconnect.

Advanced Cluster Security Cloud Service delivers cloud-native security for hybridcloud.
Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security Cloud Service combines Kubernetes-native security with the ease of use of Red Hat-managed cloud services. This new solution supports Red Hat OpenShift on private and public clouds and third-party Kubernetes services on large public clouds, including Amazon EKS, Google GKE and Microsoft AKS.


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