Scholars challenged to improve care during 6th Raspberry Pi competition


Scholars challenged to improve healthcare at 6th Raspberry Pi competition

The pressure on healthcare is increasing, making the industry ever faster, more efficient and impersonal. But can't we think of ways to improve patients' healthcare experience? That is the challenge presented to the young participants of the annual Raspberry Pi-competitie, an initiative organized by PA Consulting. The competition, now in its sixth year, challenges teams of high school students from across the Netherlands to come up with innovative solutions to societal challenges. For developing the solution, participating teams receive a Raspberry Pi, a powerful computer the size of a credit card.

The value of good healthcare cannot be underestimated. Yet reality does not always seem to meet expectations. The emergence of new communication, sensor and robotics technologies and new forms of digital therapies are bringing new possibilities. These technological advances open the door to a world where care can be more effectively tailored to the individual for a better quality of life.

To truly innovate with these technologies, the Netherlands needs more young technical talent. In order to engage the young generation - the leaders of tomorrow - in an inspiring way on social issues, the Raspberry Pi competition was created. The competition offers students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with programming, technology and innovation. These are valuable skills that are becoming increasingly important in our society. The challenge of the competition is to use the Raspberry Pi pocket computer to develop an invention to solve a societal problem. The 2024 competition focuses on improving healthcare.

"This theme aligns perfectly with PA's mission to bring ingenuity to life for a positive human future," said Ernst Brand, public sector expert at PA Consulting. "In recent years, participants have shown time and again that they are able to come up with great solutions to pressing issues. I am therefore convinced that this year they will again come up with innovative inventions that can help people with illnesses or disabilities, temporarily or permanently, to live a rewarding life."

The final of the competition will take place in April 2024 at the Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort, where teams will compete for various prizes such as the most innovative solution or the most feasible solution. Each winning team will receive €500 to spend on 21st century skills and an activity for the team.

Want to participate in the Raspberry Pi competition?
The Raspberry Pi competition is for pupils and students aged 12 to 19 at VMBO, HAVO, VWO, MBO or tech/gymnasium. Schools can participate free of charge.

Teachers can register their teams here. The closing date for registration is Nov. 30, 2023.


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