Team Jumbo-Visma and Coinmerce give double meaning with collaboration


Coinmerce announced today that it has become the official cryptocurrency partner of Team Jumbo-Visma. With this partnership, they give double meaning to the term 'Good Rate'. For the Jumbo-Visma Team, a good rate is of course essential and the same obviously applies to Coinmerce. A nice parallel in which the two parties have found each other.

Coinmerce good course
Coinmerce is a Dutch bank-registered cryptocurrency broker that certainly ranks among the top Dutch crypto companies in our lists. In fact, at Coinmerce you can buy various types of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and many others quickly and easily.

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Sponsorship in Bitcoin
Team Jumbo-Visma revealed that they are also very interested in this digital currency. A great example of this is the fact that they are having part of the sponsorship amount paid out in Bitcoin. Something that has not happened before in the skating and cycling world.

Within this cooperation, Coinmerce and Team Jumbo-Visma can give cycling and skating fans as much insight as possible into the risks and opportunities of this market. This way, they want to prevent investors from making wrong investments in all kinds of crypto currencies and possibly losing a lot of money in the process.

Director Team Jumbo-Visma
Team Jumbo-Visma let us know the following about this cooperation:

Our collaboration with Coinmerce is in line with the development currently taking place across the entire spectrum of top-level sport. New initiatives and innovative companies are looking to connect with sports teams in order to reach a wide audience. For us - as a team - it offers opportunities to continue to grow and to be the best cycling team in the future. The collaboration between Coinmerce and Team Jumbo-Visma feels natural, as both of us are all about a 'good race'. You can win or lose, it's all in the game.

Richard Plugge, director of Team Jumbo-Visma.


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