Togg provides stage for Europe's leading startups at Viva Tech 2023


Togg showcases innovative new tech disruptors at VivaTech in Paris
Turkish mobility brand collaborates with multiple start-ups to develop user-centric mobility ecosystem for seamless user experience
Joint venture with Farasis Energy will jointly develop clean energy storage solutions
Togg's first model, the T10X SUV smart device, will be launched in Western Europe by the end of 2024
Gemlik, Turkey - Togg, the Turkish global technology brand and leading provider of smart mobility solutions, offered Europe's most innovative tech startups a stage at VivaTech 2023. The brand hosted a number of leading startups in the 'Mobility and Innovation Park by Togg' and 'Discovery Stage by Togg' sections of the event, giving each new disruptor a platform to share its revolutionary new mobility products and services with other like-minded participants.

During the four-day event, Togg's CEO Mr Gürcan Karakas participated in the panel discussion 'How to make cities greener and smarter', where he explained how innovative technology developed by startups plays a crucial role in the sustainability of mobility ecosystems.

Togg has a novel approach to enter the advanced mobility market and aims to create an open and user-centred mobility ecosystem facilitated by collaborations with startups. During the development of its first smart device, the T10X SUV in the C-segment, Togg analysed more than 750 startups and collaborated with 22 of them to build its Trumore digital platform. This is the all-encompassing digital environment in which T10X SUV plays a leading role, enabled by technology that supports AI/Cyber security, fintech/insurtech, smart energy solutions, blockchain, gamification and smart home solutions.

Gürcan Karakas, CEO of Togg, said, "Cars are no longer just a means of getting people from 'A' to 'B'; the car industry is changing. The Togg ecosystem reflects our mission to offer user-centric and innovative services that integrate smart mobility devices with digital solutions that extend the user experience beyond traditional mobility."

"We will continue to jointly develop new technologies in collaboration with leading startups in the mobility ecosystem, including smart energy solutions, smart living solutions in smart cities and new services to provide users with a comfortable and future-proof and seamless mobility experience.The next important step in our business will be seamless, green and personalised mobility. This is only possible with smart contracts, or blockchain. We need to find a single sign-on solution for all ecosystems and subsystems for a seamless user journey," concluded Mr Gürcan Karakas.

Designed to attract the fintech-literate generation, the T10X SUV will come with an integrated wallet for digital assets, including the recently announced smart device passport and battery passport.

In 2021, Togg entered into a joint venture with Farasis Energy, under the name Siro, to jointly develop clean energy storage solutions for the automotive and other industries. At this year's VivaTech, Togg announced how this partnership will help achieve its ambition to become carbon neutral by offering users charging services powered by renewable energy from Togg's Trugo brand.


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