MCS launches new all-in-one router solutions for fast and secure 4G/5G internet connections


MCS introduces all-in-one router solutions with advanced 4G (LTE) and 5G hardware and stable connectivity. The new router solutions allow users to set up reliable failover/backup applications, use unlimited 5G or dual SIM functionalities.

MCS' all-in-one router solutions can be deployed in various segments. In particular, organisations in the maritime, automotive, construction, enterprise, retail and industrial IoT sectors can benefit from the advantages of the router solution.

Complete package for a successful router solution
The all-in-one LTE or 5G router solutions provide users with all the components they need for a successful router solution.

The package includes an Advantech or Teltonika mobile LTE or 5G router, high-quality antenna for optimal signal reception, IoT data SIM card for seamless connectivity, and remote management via WebAccess DMP or RMS.

Complex customised configuration
Thanks to a plug-and-play combination of hardware, accessories, connectivity and SLA, installation is very easy. MCS engineers fully customise the complex configuration for the customer. This allows users to immediately start working with a working product.

Among other things, the MCS engineers take care of setting up the APN in the router, security policy, data cap in the router and in the SIM Management Portal, and LAN/WAN settings.

Full control over routers with remote management
The all-in-one router solution is easily managed remotely by users via the convenient online portal. This gives organisations full control over the routers. This allows them to quickly manage all their routers in the field from a single location.

Users have an overview of diagnostic data and management functions of the router fleet. Remotely, they can also do firmware and configuration updates, saving a lot of time.

Two variants available
Besides a regular all-in-one solution for Advantech and Teltonika routers where customers buy the solution for a one-off fee, MCS also offers a complete managed service. Private Connect Router Solutions.

With Private Connect, customers lease the entire router solution for a fixed monthly fee. A subscription form with no pre-investment in hardware and connectivity.

About MCS
Making complex technology simple. That is our mission. So everyone can use innovative IoT solutions carefree. And we have been making people's daily work and life easier, safer and more sustainable since our establishment in 1997.
We do this by working with carefully chosen partners. We support them in setting up and delivering successful Managed loT solutions and secure Private Networks. In this way, our many years of expertise are combined with the knowledge of partners in many different sectors. We also provide the necessary hardware and software components for these networks.

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