Snakeware grows steadily and looks ahead to promising 2024


SNEEK - Snakeware has achieved 8% growth in 2023. The Sneek-based digital specialist's turnover reached EUR 5 million for the first time. Despite the challenging labour market, Snakeware also managed to attract new talent. The workforce grew by 10% new employees last year.

The year 2024 starts promisingly for Snakeware. The company renewed contracts with major food retail clients such as Dirk, DekaMarkt, Vomar and Poiesz Supermarkets. The order book for this year is also well filled with travel clients such as RCN, Dormio, Doeksen and Staatsbosbeheer and media companies such as DPG Media and VMN Media. Moreover, Snakeware is at an advanced stage of negotiations with several new major clients in both the retail and B2B sectors, which significantly strengthens expectations for further growth in 2024.

Despite a sharp rise in costs in 2023, Snakeware still managed to post a profit of around 10%. CCO Ate van der Meer of Snakeware says: "This is not only a testament to resilience in a challenging market, but also to Snakeware's steadfast pursuit of a healthy financial position in order to be able to withstand a bump and, moreover, continue to invest in talents and tools. Our success comes from the dedication of our team, strategic investments and lasting client relationships."

New talent
Snakeware has also invested significantly in developing its employees by offering training courses, hiring industry experts for insights and coaching and attracting new talent. Snakeware's CDO Toine Dinkelberg: "We strive to be an employer that is fully aware of what is happening both inside and outside our company. By keeping short lines of communication, we want to maintain commitment to our employees, clients and cooperating partners."

Whereas growth threatened to stagnate in recent years, as young talent increasingly left the province for the Randstad, Snakeware is seeing a turnaround with the expansion of its workforce.Participation in events such as and the Agency Night in Leeuwarden, as well as the successful cooperation in Friesland around the Friesland Doet project, has helped retain talent in Friesland and made others enthusiastic about coming to work in the North as well. The close cooperation with secondary and university colleges in the north of the Netherlands and universities has also led to a steady stream of ambitious trainees and graduates, strengthening Snakeware's position as an attractive employer. Van der Meer concludes, "We are now a hub for digital talent in the Northern Netherlands. With confidence, we look forward to 2024 and continue to grow through innovation, collaboration and investment in talented employees."


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